Top 7 Most Popular Types of Vloggers on YouTube

Are you here because you actually wanted to start a channel of your own, or did you figure out there’s… money in the vlogging process? Or you want to know what kind of group you belong to, or you really want to know what you call them. Any of the most common kinds of vloggers that are most viewed on YouTube have been mentioned.

1. Beauty 

This could be a perfect subject for you if you are into skin care, beauty products, lipstick, grooming, and just enjoy testing out products for your face and body. This channel has a wide variety of audiences, from multiple age ranges and walks of life. I have searched for answers through vlogs and articles to acquire proper skin care information, or if there is a new piece, truthful reviews are very, really helpful.

  • Jeffreestararar (17.2M Subscribers)
  • TutorialsNikkieTutorials (13.6M Subscribers)

2. Games

This channel is great for gaming fans, where you go to watch walkthroughs, fresh game impressions, unboxing of gears, too. This kind of channel could help you out if you’re playing a game and can’t get past a certain level. That’s also addressed on this form of channel if you want to create your own gaming rig. I think if you’re going to be one, you should try not only to show them the game, but also offer feedback and opinions about the game as you play it, as it creates more interaction with your audience.

  • From Markiplier (27M Subsribers)
  • ThePewDiePie (107M Subscribers)

3. Travelling

Then you booked your ticket to Bali, or to Africa or to Iceland. What now? Travel blogs and vlogs, especially for backpackers, are very helpful. It encourages them to prepare their journey, to have thoughts on things to bring, what to expect, how to go from point A to point B. Individuals who just wish to see other parts of the world without leaving their homes will even enjoy these vlogs. I recommend you curate your photos and videos if you’ve been traveling for quite some time now (yes, I’m sure that if you’re a traveler, you take photos and videos) and launch your channel. Who knows, the solution to a lost soul may be your knowledge.

  • Hey Nadine, Hey Nadine (490K Subscribers)
  • Devinsupertramp Supertramp (5.95M Subscribers)

4. Tech

The contents of these vlogs, like us, Tekno Wifi, are based not only on the new gears, but also on the most powerful ones, from phones to machines, apps, applications, and much more. On goods, the pros and cons, they give critical feedback. Come to think about it, these are the most useful outlets for all. For their audiences, they clarify words to grasp. You’re either a hobbyist or a vlogger for a living, or you’re just someone who needs to be posted. Everyone has watched a tech channel or read a blog to get ideas about what the best camera is, what tools to use for editing, what phone has the best camera, what hardware they can get, how to troubleshoot the gear, etc.

  • Therapy with Unbox (17.2M Subscribers)
  • Tech Tips from Linus (11.9M Subscribers)

5. Fitness & Wellbeing

We are ignorant about it, much like other stuff in general. People also have the wrong attitude about diet and getting healthy. Fitness vloggers help us explain proper eating, what kind of diet works for you, does calorie counting really matter, do you need vitamins, various kinds of workouts and activities appropriate for your body, proper lifting and curves, good fat and poor fat, on these kinds of platforms and nowhere else, you can find anything you need to know about how to be well. If you’re a fitness buff and you’re excited about working out, it may be your specialty.

  • Buff Dudes, Buff Dudes (2.32M Subscribers)
  • Transforming Gravity (2.98M Subscribers)


Recipes can now be easily found online, from handmade plates to haute cuisine. Look and you’re going to find. In so many ways, a food like lasagna can be baked. In reality, everyone can go to YouTube and learn how to cook. But oh, these vloggers, they’re not just chefs at all. Some are self-teached. Currently, some also share their family recipes! So, don’t be disappointed if you’re a home-grown chef. Know the meal by heart as long as you know your way around the kitchen and can describe it to your audience very well. You’ll have no issues.

  • Tasty Oh, Tasty (19.4M Subscribers)
  • FOOD SORTED (2.41M Subscribers)

7. DIY

There are those quick yet rewarding images, like the 5 Minute Crafts, that you see online. Or life tricks that you don’t really believe will be possible or really make sense of. Because of these videos, many individuals have hopes vs. fact moments, lmao, but these are probably one of the most entertaining videos there is. It’s like watching a trick of sorcery that can be applied in real life. If you are blessed with talented hands and can do these kinds of crafts, launch the channel, bless our eyes and stimulate our minds, please. (A fool’s proof, btw would be highly appreciated step by step guide)

  • 5-Minute Handicrafts (68.6M Subscribers)
  • I like making things (3.03M Subscribers)

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