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The Streaming Site is where you put your game, upload it or broadcast it. Twitch, Twitter, Twitter, DLive, BigoLive, and several more are just that. Both of these channels for gaming or live streaming give everyone the chance to become a streamer, but you need to get a program to put all the content together to get started.

Streaming Software is a program for encoding software. For live broadcasting, it is a must. It transforms the video and audio input to a digital format that is compatible with multiple formats for playback.

Computer encoders vary from basic streaming to more complex encoders, enabling you to use multiple cameras, incorporate graphics on the fly, combine multiple audio sources, and so much more. Based on the features, rates differ as well.

We’re not going to worry about all those pricey ones in this post, though. You’ve got your costly machine installations already, let’s try not to waste any more cash. We will list the top, easiest, and FREE streaming apps suitable for live streaming gaming today.

OBS Studio

Open Broadcaster Software Studio or OBS Studio is both a screen recorder and an editing device that helps you to create a smooth broadcast. For gamers, the most interactive and totally free live streaming applications and screen recorder possible. OBS Studio enables you to record your games, integrate images and videos on your computer, combine audio and music and change nearly every part of your streams, while enabling you to record directly from your camera and microphone.

OBS will seem a little more complex if this is your first time running a program like this. Before you familiarize yourself with it, it might take a few trials and errors, but like they say, practice is fine. Perhaps first attempt to mix stuff on a pre-recorded video before going in and doing it live, making yourself acquainted with how the app and the workflow works.

Compatible for Windows, Linux and MacOS. Twitch, Twitter, Hitbox, Facebook and several more available streaming sites are supported.

Streamlabs OBS

A friendlier version of OBS Studio is Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS). SLOBS has a streamlined interface that makes it an excellent alternative for streamers for the first time, but also allows you access to all the functionality that popularized the original OBS. In contrast to others, CPU and memory consumption is also lower.

This app is still totally free and has a simplified method for download than OBS. To configure the stream, it has a big theme library from which you can select. It has built-in text-to-speech features, widgets, website integration, everything you need on Twitch, YouTube and other main streaming channels to watch your game. It has a mask mechanism that encourages the audience to dress you up with donations (pretty cool). Overall, it has more features, a higher value for success and a greater user interface overall. This program, though, is still in the Beta stage and actually only runs on Windows, but with Bootcamp you can get Streamlabs OBS Mac.

Nvidia Shadowplay

This could be the perfect game recording app for you if you have an Nvidia Graphics Card. ShadowPlay from NVIDIA, now branded as NVIDIA Share, provides an easy to use gaming recording and live streaming interface. This helps you to improve the bitrate and resolution and enhance the quality of your footage.

It has a powerful and easy-to-use feature that provides comparatively decent performance for low- to mid-range computers, compared to most streaming services. As it encodes more than the CPU in the GPU, it has a big benefit. And when operating on a higher frame rate, it does not impact CPU efficiency. It does limited compression, however, making the file size bigger and forcing you to finish uploads with a higher bandwidth.

It has an Instant Replay Mode, which allows users to simply touch the hotkey to save the last 30-minute session. You can quickly stream your games live on Twitch, Facebook Live or YouTube with Nvidia Shadowplay. Not every game is going to work with NVIDIA ShadowPlay, however. Only games using Direct3D, and not OpenGL, are supported by ShadowPlay.

Go to NVIDIA GeForce Experience > Preferences > ShadowPlay to record OpenGL and enable the Allow Desktop Capture feature. Your Windows desktop, plus any OpenGL games running in a browser on your desktop, will now be able to capture ShadowPlay.

Bear in mind that a high performance CPU is required for game streaming. For game players, it is an asset since it helps recorder software to function without any difficulties with interference and loading.

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