“Safety starts with awareness & awareness starts with you.” If you are running a business it is important to keep all the data and sensitive information personal by protecting them from theft and damage attempted by criminals and adversaries. Nowadays the cybersecurity is the most essential for all the business & individuals for protecting personal information, intellectual property, data, and governmental and industry information as well.

In this technological, digital, and smart world the risk for Cyber security is increasing, driven by global connectivity and usage of cloud services pairing. To protect the information from sophisticated cybercriminals and for preventing data breaches we can’t trust cybersecurity professionals anymore, so it is the most important aspect to consider in today’s world. Because gone are the days of simple firewalls and antivirus software are the sole security for your system. We at Sang for offer a wide range of cyber security products for avoiding network security threats. So, if you are still not worried about cyber security, then you should be more concerned and worried about your data & information hack.

Importance of Cybersecurity in 2021- The Digital World 

Cybersecurity is one of the major aspects of this technological world. With having access to all information on the internet via phones, laptops, tabs, and computers the hackers are becoming more approachable to business and personal data. Data leaks can easily reveal your identity due to the social media presence and can process out your sensitive information like social security numbers, credit card information, bank account details, and many more. For easing our task we started saving all the information at cloud storage services like Drop box, iCloud, or Google Drive. Thus, to protect them all it is important to have cybersecurity even if you are an individual, small business or large multinational company. Even Governments around the world are taking initiatives to aware people about cyber securities. GDPR is the perfect example for this, as it is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy. As it has increased the reputational damage of data breaches by forcing all organizations that operate in the EU to:

  • Communicate data breaches
  • Appoint a data protection officer
  • Anonymize data for privacy

What are the Reasons for Increasing Cyber Crime?

Information theft has become the most common and expensive business segment. Every company or individual is also willing to get more and more information about their clients and competitors to survive in the competitive world.  By the exposure of identity information to the web via cloud services, attackers are getting access to more and more data. Only identity theft isn’t the only goal of cyber-attacks but they also aim to compromise data integrity (destroy or change data) which is actually a matter of concern for all. Listed are some common reasons for the increase in cybercrime all over the world.

  • Social engineering remains the easiest form of cyber attack with ransom ware
  • Phishing and spyware
  • Distributed nature of the Internet
  • Illiteracy among the people
  • Power & Networking among the people
  • Political reasons, beliefs, or personal grudges, are the most common reasons for cyber attacks
  • Increasing profitability and ease of commerce

Protect Individuals & Organizations from Cyber Attacks

To avoid data leak or exposure it is important to read the mentioned points. These will help you in increasing security and reduces the risk of cybercrime as well for both individuals and business purposes.

Educate all levels of your organization or people about the risks of social engineering and online phishing attacks.

Invest in tools that will monitor cybersecurity for you. Sangfor is one of the best media for not limiting yourself and it will help you in scanning the data exposure and leak credentials

Use technology to reduce costs but use it wisely with updated cybersecurity in the system.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you have got the right information that you are looking for. In the technological world make sure to have cybersecurity to prevent instant cyber attacks. Cyber warriors are increasing their knowledge while hackers can now utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to trigger automated cyber attacks. So, make sure to be updated with Sangfor for protecting the data leakage. For more detailed information & knowledge get in contact with us. Our team is always there to guide & assist you regarding any cybersecurity information.

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