Spotify shuffle is a great way to discover new music. This is a great way to discover new music and artists, especially if your favorite songs are not in the same order.

Spotify shuffle might play the same songs repeatedly, making it difficult to find new and interesting music. What should you do if Spotify shuffle does not play random music?

Due to the constantly changing Spotify algorithms, there is no one way to fix a broken shuffle feature. Restarting the app can help to fix the problem.

You can also master the search button to avoid repeating songs from playlists that have thousands of songs. These options will help you stop Spotify from playing the same songs on shuffle.

Spotify Update

While most changes are accessible to Spotify users without having to update the app, there are exceptions. It is important to use the most recent version of the app to avoid common bugs like freezing of the shuffle feature.

You can update the Android app by following these steps:

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your smartphone
  • Go to the Manage Apps & Devices menu
  • Scroll down to Spotify
  • If the app needs an update, tap Update

You can update Spotify by:

  • Go to App Store with your iPad or iPhone
  • Tap the profile icon
  • Scroll down to Spotify
  • Tap Update to Download the Latest Version of the App, if there are any pending updates

The app will notify PC users when Spotify updates are available. You can check if there are any updates.

To check:

  • Click the menu option at the top-right
  • To download the most recent app, click the Update option

Log out, then restart the app

After updating Spotify, the best way to fix the problem is to restart the app. This option is available for both PC and mobile versions.

Spotify can be listened to on your Mac or PC.

  • Close the App
  • Restart your computer
  • Start the app again

For mobile users:

  • Spotify App: Go Library
  • Scroll down to Settings
  • Log out and start your phone again

The shuffle function will continue to work without the need to repeat a few songs. If you still experience the problem, it is best to avoid features like the “like” button. You can also uninstall Spotify and reinstall or create a new account.

Do not click the “Like” button

Image courtesy of Spotify

Spotify’s “Like” button is the primary tool it uses to personalize user experiences. You can indirectly tell the app what songs you like by liking them.

However, liking songs while exploring different playlists could send the wrong signal to the app’s sequencing feature.

A few years ago, you couldn’t create a playlist by liking the songs you liked. Now anyone can create a playlist. Alternative ways to curate playlists don’t trigger the algorithm to push fewer songs.

It may take time to dislike each song individually if you’ve liked many songs. Avoiding the button is a great way to prevent the generalization of your account.

Take a look at the details of artists and curators

Spotify will continue to play the same songs on shuffle, even after you have opted out of the like button. This is a sign that Spotify may be playing the wrong playlist.

The playlist wave has revolutionized how people use the platform. Future curators can easily copy playlists that have been successful and create generic lists.

You should pay attention to the playlist’s number of songs and playlist’s likes. If the playlist you are viewing has a similar name to yours but has fewer songs and fewer likes than the one you are currently looking at, you are likely on the wrong playlist.

To verify the identity of the artist, click on the profile. Sometimes, the playlist might be created by a fan and not your favorite artist.

When using smart speakers or controls, use specific terms

You should change how you speak to smart speakers while playing music. Because the two options can be automated, you may see Spotify play a handful of songs rather than shuffle the entire playlist.

Alexa can play as many songs and as many as you want.

“Alexa! Shuffle my (insert name of a playlist) Spotify playlist.”

Replace Alexa in this command if you have integrated Spotify and Google Home. This command is only applicable to your curated playlists, and it does not work for discovering new music.

The command can be useful in two ways. It is more specific about the playlist you wish to listen to music from than any general playlist. To avoid only playing a few songs, you can insert the keyword SHUFFLE into your command.

You can edit your personal playlists frequently

Spotify shuffle will play the same songs depending on your preference. You can change the experience by editing your playlist.

To edit:

  • Select the playlist that you wish to personalize
  • Tap the three dots to open the menu.
  • Choose “Sort playlist”

You have many options for sorting the playlist, depending on your preferences. You can, for example, but the most recent music in a new playlist. You can also sort it by grouping music according to an era or particular musician.

You can solve the shuffle bug by sorting your music into new playlists to improve your Spotify experience.

You can regain control of the algorithm and change it to suit your music preferences. Sorting playlists makes it easier to add new music or find similar releases within each category.

Spotify Radio can also be used to create personal playlists based on other people’s playlists. After you’ve found the perfect playlist, click on the three dots menu.

You will be redirected directly to “Go To Playlist Radio.” This feature allows you to create an ever-growing playlist that has zero repetitions of certain songs.

To stop Spotify from playing the same songs, follow the steps above to transform your Spotify experience. You can also control the shuffle feature, which makes it easier for you to find new music and releases regardless of what you are listening to on Spotify.

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