What is Inventory Management?

All of these steps require coordination between different systems and groups. Even a slight hiccup in one of these steps can cause problems with customer service and internal accounting. ITarian’s inventory software simplifies the process of managing inventory and procuring products for clients. It will allow you to track which products are owned by which clients. You can also manage purchase orders, price bundles and keep accurate inventory per location.

ITarian Inventory Management Software is available:

  • Automated workflows for billing and quote
  • Inventory reservation and checking
  • Quotes can be used to generate sales orders
  • Accurate accounting requires full purchasing and receiving capabilities
  • Notifications throughout the inventory change process

Inventory Management Software: Key features and capabilities

Automated inventory management

You can manage inventory quantities by setting minimum stock counts and automatically updating inventory.

Control and visibility across all functionalities

It is easy to transfer information from sales to service, procurement, finance, and finance. This makes it possible to provide a predictable controlled and highly visible process that procures and delivers hardware to customers.

Mobile access

Techs can view inventory and choose products from their mobile devices.

Fast, professional quotes

In minutes, create and send professional, interactive proposals and quotes, including pricing for distributors.

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