You can use the two-step verification provided by Google to secure your data on Google. You can follow the steps set out in this article so that you can move the Google Authenticator app to your new phone. Nowadays, leakage of the database containing information about your login details is very common. It is therefore very critical that you obey the two-step verification offered by the various online services in order to protect your data from leakage.

Move the Google Authenticator to your new computer

Essentially, the concept of this security approach is that a person will need to know both your login ID and your password. In addition, it will also need access to the computer to which your authentication codes are sent. Only then will a individual be able to access your account. It is also difficult to hack into your account. The Google Authenticator app works just as well with most other apps as it does for your Google Account. The app is now available for Android and iOS.

Often you can need to move the Google Authenticator app to a new phone or remove it completely from a computer. This can happen, for example, if you buy a new phone and use it instead of the old one, or if you misplace your phone. The following steps will direct you to move the Authenticator app to a new phone or disable it completely from another phone:

Steps to Move Google Authenticator to a new phone

The first step is to install and sign in to Google Authenticator on your new phone.

  • Instead you’ll need to go to Google’s two-step web page of verification using your computer’s browser.
  • Login to your Google account to access the security test.
  • Click the Switch Phone choice in the Authenticator section below.
  • A pop-up will appear asking about the type of cell phone you have.
  • Then it will give you a barcode.
  • Check the barcode using the authenticator app that you downloaded from your phone earlier.


This is everything you need to do to move your Google Authenticator app to your new phone. Nevertheless, it is important to note here that you will need to move all the other accounts on your old computer that use the Google Authenticator app. To do so, visit the pages of all these accounts individually and scan the QR code with your new phone. Once all other essential accounts have been transferred, you will remove the Google Authenticator from your original phone.

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