How to make your laptop faster for gaming? 5 DIY Tips

Every second day, laptop gaming is becoming more and more popular. The new games’ sophisticated graphics and stunning logic need greater hardware resources. So how do you make your laptop faster for gaming, at no extra cost, to satisfy this demand? The good news is that to increase your laptop speed for gaming, there are many tweaks you can introduce. You can make an observable difference in the output of your laptop. Only let’s see how!

1. Always keep your laptop Dust-free and clean for getting improved performance in games

First of all, you have to treat your laptop with proper care and maintenance if you want better gaming results. The key enemies of success are dirt and dust. The laptop becomes too hot and heat builds up as this detritus decreases the airflow, resulting in the processor, graphics card, and most of the components overheating and being slower than normal.

2. Consider a third-party game-boosting software

These third-party game boosters let you tweak your graphics settings, disable unwanted processes, defrag your system, and even over-clock your CPU to improve your laptops overall performance.

This is the Razer Game Booster of IObit; this is one of the software that works very well with almost any laptop or desktop. With a single click, it allows you to disable all unnecessary processes; developers say that this application cleans up ram and improves CPU performance. And what’s most incredible is that it’s easy to navigate through choices so that non-computer savvy individuals can quite easily use this software as well.

3. Overclock the graphics card for better gaming experience

This strategy could be a little dangerous for beginner users, giving you some extra value from the graphics card by overclocking your graphics. For both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs, the tools needed for overclocking are readily available ( graphics card).

Ok, the main thing is heat and energy, it takes more electricity than normal to overclock a GPU, so you’ll also have to correctly adjust the power settings of the laptop. But overclocking often increases the GPU temperature, which can even damage the GPU in certain instances.

But nothing to worry about as the in-built cooling system of the laptop manages it, and if it gets too hot, the laptop will automatically shut down itself, it is a safety precaution feature that comes with most laptops these days.

faster laptop for gamingfaster laptop for gaming

4. Activate Windows 10 GAMING MODE

This tip is for users of Windows 10. Windows 10 comes with an Xbox app that provides gamers with several exclusive features. Such as the following:

  • Recording on Computer
  • Mode of the Game
  • Reproduction of Videos

You can see that the Xbox panel of the game bar is open by pressing WIN+G; now, verify that ‘actually, this is a game box.’

activate windows 10 game modeactivate windows 10 game mode

5. Install the latest DirectX version

When running games on Windows, DirectX is very critical. It’s a series of software resources that make video game graphics easier. The DirectX was released in the year 2015. You’re now having the new DirectX 12 pre-installed on your laptop with Windows 10. To check the version of DirectX, open the execution box by pressing WIN+R, and type the dxdiag command to scan for Direct 3D DDI. This should show you the version of DirectX installed.

6. Your Laptop Can’t be Faster Than Your Connection Speed

The speed of your laptop is as good as the speed of your internet connection while playing online. Every other year, the visual and audio quality of the games gets better and this allows your machine to have an excellent relationship with your router. Make sure to check out this list of the best Wi-Fi gaming routers while playing wirelessly.


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