When you are not allowed to import your software from the Windows store, it is very annoying. Particularly when you want to download and instal your favourite apps from the Store after upgrading your PC to Windows 10. Instead of installing the preferred applications smoothly, Error 0x803f7000 is seen in the Windows 10 Shop.

Reasons for ErrorĀ 0x803f7000 in Windows Store

Before we move ahead and see steps to fix Error Code 0x803f7000, let us first know some reasons why you are seeing this error at first place.

Following are few reasons that you might want to know.

  1. Windows Store Cache.
  2. Incorrect Data & Time.
  3. Windows not Activate.
  4. Microsoft Server overloaded.

Steps to Fix Error 0x803f7000

So, after realising the reasons why on your Windows 10 you face Error Code 0x803f7000. You may have a little idea and ways to try and fix the mistake by now, but wait, we’ll walk you one by one through the correct steps.

Method 1: Resetting Windows Store

I still ask users to restart the Windows store when they see any errors in the Windows store before anything else.
This is because the mistake is fixed several times by clearing the cache and resetting the Windows store. This is not a sure shot strategy for correcting errors of 0x803f7000, but it is easier to pursue this. Follow these steps.

Step 1: Look for Wsreset.exe, and then press the reset button that Windows will display you.

Step 2: Just wait for a few seconds after clicking Wsreset.exe, a CMD window will open and the Store will open automatically for you.

Step 3: That’s it, now try to retrieve and instal your software that gave you error 0x803f7000. If caches is the problem, the problem should be solved by now.

Method 2: Correcting Data & Time

We find that messed up Date & Time will lead you to get this error and several other errors in the Windows store with some testing. Then you better change your time and date and fix it if it’s incorrect.

  • Right-click Time in the Taskbar, and then click Change Time/Date.
  • You can also press Start > Settings > Time & Language.
  • Pick your time zone now and automatically switch on the scheduled time.

That’s it, try to open the Windows store now and see if you’re still having 0x803f7000 error and it’s gone for good.

If none of the solutions above work for you, you can try again and again. There are forms where Microsoft servers are overwhelmed for apparent reasons. The mistake could be temporary, because on your next restart, it could be fixed immediately.

When Microsoft’s servers are overwhelmed, there is nothing else you can do. The only choice for consumers is to play The Waiting Game. Let us know if Above Solutions works on your Windows 10 Store to fix the 0x803f7000 bug.

How to Avoid the 0x803f7000 Mistake Again

So after successfully getting rid of this mistake after performing the above 2 steps, all you need to know is how to prevent this mistake next time. There are a few things that you can do.

  • Use Complete Machine Treatment for Error Free PC on a daily basis.
  • Always Keep the Windows Copy Up-to-Date.

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