How to Connect Phone To Projector Wirelessly?

Notice that the steps you can take for Android and IOS devices are different before you start attaching your phone to the projector wirelessly. This is because there is a fairly different wireless configuration and technologies used with both devices.

Connecting an Android phone to a projector wirelessly.

You first need open wifi and an adaptor (VGA OR HDMI), depending on the projector you choose, to start the process of connecting your Android phone to the projector.

To connect an android phone to a projector, you can then follow the methods and steps below.

Using Chromecast

How to connect phone to projector wirelessly - Chromecast

How to wirelessly attach the handset to the projector: Chromecast
One of the best ways to connect your Android smartphone to the projector is to use Chromecast. Both Android and Chromecast come from Google as a brand. So, you just do not need to think about their relation and compatibility.

Purchase from the market or other online retailer a Chromecast adaptor, and you can then continue with the steps below.

  • Power the Projector and cautiously insert the Chromecast into the HDMI port of the Projector.
  • When done, insert the power cord softly into the USB port at the lower end of the projector.
  • On your mobile, download the Google Home app and link to Chromecast
  • Via Chromecast, project your Android phone by choosing the cast button from the feature you are using.

Using Miracast

How to connect phone to projector wirelessly - Miracast

How to wirelessly attach the handset to the projector: Miracast
Besides Chromecast, Miracast can also be used by Android users to begin linking to a projector. They can conveniently connect to a projector this way and submit and display their favorite media on the projector.

Speaking of the connection procedure, it is identical to the one previously used for the Chromecast connection.

Inbuilt feature in Projector

Certain Projectors come with a special ‘ Smart Projector’ feature that easily connects with Android or IOS devices. You need to check for the product specifications and details online to locate the same.

Connecting an iPhone to a Projector wirelessly

How to connect phone to projector wirelessly - connecting iphone to Projector

How to wirelessly attach phone to projector-Connecting iphone to projector
The relation to a projector is very quick and easy when it comes to an iPhone. Even, it all depends on the projector type and edition you are using for the function.

Some projector models bring an inbuilt ‘smart feature’ to conveniently connect to either phone, not just an iPhone. In other situations, to grasp the communication process, you just need to read through the user manual of the individual projector.

In order to create a link with iPhones, most projectors have specific guidance on their control panel. The same material is often included in the user manual to refer to it for a start.

Also, just check for the connection capability of the projector you use on the internet, and you won’t find the rest of the process as hectic.

FAQs regarding how to connect phone to projector wirelessly?

How to connect phone to projector wirelessly - FAQ

How to connect phone to projector wirelessly – FAQ

Q. I can only see the video and no audio?

A. Check if you’ve made any modifications or improvements to the audio or video settings of the projector or iPhone before linking. The problem much of the time is with the projector or the program that you use to connect the computers.

Also, before going any further, check carefully for the audio modes, volume level, and other aspects.

Q. My Projector doesn’t support a wireless connection. What to do?

A. To build the link, you can carry in a VGA cable or a digital VGA cable or HDMI cable. Check before starting that the phone or projector you are using is compliant with the cables and adaptors offered.

Use only high-quality adaptors and cables bought from legit sources, as well. The use of low quality or degraded accessories and cables may not provide you with streaming or projecting the desired performance.

Q. My iPhone doesn’t let me connect to a projector wirelessly?

A. For their technical sensitivity to a specific device or gadget, IOS devices are quite famous. So, you need to check whether the projector is compatible with IOS devices for wireless connections.

Also, because of outdated configuration, some old iPhone models such as iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 may not give you the desired result.

Bottom-line for How to connect phone to projector wirelessly

Always check that the devices are compatible and accessible before a connection is created. For the same purpose, you can refer to the manufacturer’s website or the projector’s supplied user manual.

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