Best Android Phones Under 500 USD


Best android phones under 500 USD: A must-see list before making a decision

Several Android phones have been released to date, and although some of them have a high end tag, in the same sense, others are affordable. You can review the features before purchasing it, even if you are looking to get a cheap Android phone. Since there is growing competition in the mid-range phone market, without investing too much on an Android smartphone, you can get a decent phone. You will get plenty of choices to pick from within $500 USD, and some of them are further enlisted to provide great ideas.

OnePlus 6 and 6T

OnePlus 6 and 6T are among the most popular Android cell phones that you can get under US$500. The business has produced the flagship cell phone with the new features in it successfully. It was launched in the middle of 2018 and has taken over the Samsung Galaxy S9+ market. In most segments, it has also been active in substituting iPhone Xs from the market.


  • Offers bezel-free 6.3-inch AMOLED display
  • Housed on the latest Android version of 9 Pie
  • Comes packed with 6GB RAM along with 64GB of expandable storage
  • Runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor that is similar to Note 9 and Galaxy S9
  • Comes with dual 16 and 20MP back camera along with 16MP selfie camera

Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL

It is possible to count the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL among the best Android phones to receive around $500. The Google phones alluded to above come with the new processor and other fascinating features. With a gorgeous screen, it looks fantastic and gives outstanding picture clarity. For individuals to get this phone, the fundamental characteristics are tempting.


  • Comes with 5.6 or 6-inch screen with complete 1080p HD display
  • Offers portrait mode giving the photos an excellent finish and enables top-notch focus with the help of depth of field captured using 12.2 MP dual-pixel camera
  • Unlimited storage in the device even when storing high quality video and images
  • Adaptive battery that enables to use the phone for 30 long hours

ASUS Zenfone 6

The new handset, released in May 2019, is amazing for several reasons, and its inexpensive budget is one of them. It is close in certain categories as compared with the Galaxy s10+ and OnePlus 7 Pro. With the new features available at an affordable price, it can be considered exclusive.


  • Offers a full 6.4-inch screen coupled with 1080p HD display
  • Runs on Snapdragon 855 similar to Galaxy S10+
  • Comes with 8GB RAM with an internal storage of 128 or 256 GB of storage
  • Packed with 5000 mAh battery to run for long hours
  • Comes with 48 megapixel main camera and 13MP camera on the back.


The LG G7 was announced shortly after the publication of the Galaxy S9. It’s one of the finest Android phones, equipped with all the new technical features. Also, it is worthy of investment, given at a reasonable cost. It is a successful buy with the loudest ‘boomsound’ speakers alongside other features.


  • Offers 6GB RAM and 128 GB of internal storage
  • With 6.1-inch full HD display, the phone is housed on Snapdragon 845 processor
  • Provides micro-SD slot for an extended storage facility and 3.5mm headphone jack
  • For improved audio level, the phone has quad-DAC functionality
  • With a main 16MP lens, it is suitable for landscape photography

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

If you get Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, it’s one of the impressive and fascinating Xiaomi Durong 2018 and 2019 sets. The appealing part of the phone is that the front camera is not positioned anywhere in the entire screen area. The camera is placed behind the screen instead.


  • Excellent edge-to-edge 6.4-inch HD display that makes the screen little slider
  • Slide down camera for selfies as camera is located behind the phone
  • Powered on Snapdragon 845 8-core processor coupled with 6GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage

Nokia 7.1 

It is Nokia 7.1 that can be counted among the cheapest ones when searching for an Android phone with the latest features and conveniently available in the US market. Yes, Nokia’s comeback was successful and some of the best budget phones in the Android series have been launched. It is therefore worth purchasing this phone, packed with all the latest features, which is very much within your budget.


  • Device offers 5.8-inch HD display covering the top edge of the screen
  • Powered by Qualcomm processor with 64GB storage coupled with micro-SD card facility
  • With a clean stock Android version, it comes with all updated software version
  • Offers 12+5MP rear camera for good clarity image coupled with 8MP selfie camera

Samsung Galaxy S8+

Compared with many Nokia phones, the Samsung Galaxy S8+ is better. The phone comes with plenty of the latest features in an affordable range. With ample storage, this phone is worth investing in. This mid-range phone is doing wonders, and the attention of phone lovers has been drawn to it.


  • Beautiful curved 6.2-inch HD screen offers high quality display
  • Housed on Snapdragon 835 processor along with 4GB storage coupled with 64GB of storage
  • Packed with 3.5mm headphone jack along with micro-SD storage facility

Xiaomi Pocophone F1

Another great launch from Xiaomi that is worth buying is the Xiaomi Pocophone F1. From the price point, it’s unique, and this is another mid-range smartphone that since 2018 has been doing wonders on the market. It has been steady in grabbing the attention of customers even after launching several phones after its launch. It is interesting to get this phone with different storage and RAM setups.


  • Powered on Snapdragon 845 processor along with excellent storage of 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage
  • Offers dual rear cameras along with rear-mounted fingerprint scanner
  • Provides latest Android software in an affordable range
  • Comes in a bezel-free 6.2-inch HD quality display

Therefore, with plenty of the latest Android phone options, it is easy to get high-end phones at an affordable range. Make sure that you get the latest features installed on the phone for a better experience.

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