Google Play Error 18 – Here we can see ” Fix Error Code18 in Google Play Store”

A few days ago, while installing the App, I ran into Error 18 in Google Play Store. This was so frustrating because no matter how many times you have downloaded the App, an identical message appears on the screen when you try to install it. The app could not be downloaded due to an error 18. These errors can happen on popular mobile apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, and Viber. This Error can also occur while updating the App. This Error has been experienced by many people.

Finally, I found the solution to this Error 18. My case was solved by unmounting my SD card. But it won’t be the same for you. This is where I can help you fix the Google Play Store Error 18. Try these essential methods first to resolve your problem.

How to Unlock Google Play Error Code 18?

1)Storage is free insufficient memory on the device during downloading causes error 18. To make more space, I recommend that you delete any unnecessary content and uninstall some apps. Next, try to install the app that gave you the error message. It will fix your error.

2) Restart your device: Sometimes all it takes to solve the problem is to restart your device. This is why you should do it once. To restart your device:

  • Lock the device.
  • Hold the “PowerClick the “Button” until a menu appears.
  • Choose “Take the power off. “
  • Wait for your device to turn off.
  • Wait for 10 seconds. Then press and hold “power to turn the device ON again, press the ” button
  • Then, try downloading the app again. it’s going to solve your error problem.

Main Method to Repair Error Code 18 on Google Play Store

Method 1: Clear cache and data

  • Go toSetting>> AttendApplication Setting(In some devices, app setting is called apps).
  • Visit,AllThe apps > >Find the google Play Store>> ClearCacheAndData
  • After you have cleared everything, the next step is to force a stop to the appliance.
  • Similar, find theGoogle Play Service>> Clear Data and Cache
  • You can also find out: Google Services Framework>> Clear Google Services Framework >> Open Google ServicescacheAndData
  • Clear data on “Download Manager
  • Restart your device now and go to the App Store to download it.

This is the best way to solve most errors in the Google Play Store. This method should solve your Error. If the error persists, you can move on to the next Method.

Method 2: Unmount the SD card

  • Go toSetting>>Storage>> Scroll down to choose “Unmount SD card
  • OpenGoogle Play Store>> Reinstall the App that gave you the error message.
  • After successful installation, return toSettings>>Storage>> Tap on “Mount SD card
  • Try these steps if the above didn’t work.RemoveYourSD card before installing.

Some users have also reported that an error message appears when they try to update the App stored on their SD card. This error can be fixed by following the steps below.

Note: You should use WiFi to update your apps. In many cases, land-line internet connections can cause problems.

Method 3: Move the app from your phone to this method

  • Go toSettings>> AttendApps>> Select all apps
  • Scroll down to find the App that provided you with the Error while the update was being performed
  • Choose “Move to the phone
  • Open Google Play StoreUpdateThe app.
  • After you have successfully updated, move the App to your SD card.

Method 4: Uninstall Google Play Store updates

  • Go toSetting>> Attend Application Setting (In certain devices, app setting is called apps).
  • Go to All Apps > >Find the Google Play Store >>Reinstall Updates

Once you’ve got uninstalled the Google Play Store updates (Getting back to the stock version). Start your device again and try to download the app. Try again updating the Google Play Store to the latest version. This may finally resolve the Error code 18

Alternative Method To Solve Error Code 18 On Google Play Store

This alternative method has been used by many users to solve Google Play Store Error 18. Users claim that Google Play Store Error 18 occurs when there is no internet connection.smdl2tmp1.asecFiles become corrupted and can be deleted to fix the problem. The Error will not return. Android OS will also re-create the file.

You are responsible for your actions.

Step 1:If you don’t have one, remove the SD card from your device.

Step 2: Find smdl2tmp1.asec file inside ( /sdcard/.android_secure/smdl2tmp1.asec) and remove/delete it.

Restart your device, and then go to the App store. This should resolve the error.

How to Fix Error Code 18 in Google Play Store. Your problem should be solved now. Let us know what Method worked for your problem and share any other methods with us.

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