Top-of-the-line Remote Monitoring and Management Software

It is a responsibility to resolve technical issues quickly, as they can have a significant impact on your business. Any downtime can mean lost revenue and client trust.

It is crucial to have reliable remote monitoring software (RMM), to remotely monitor clients’ computers, networks, and endpoints.

What is the secret to it?

RMM is implemented using small software footprints. This allows managed service providers (MSPs), to gain remote monitoring capabilities.

Here are some of the major functions:

  • Collect information about the client’s computing systems, software, and applications
  • Send activity reports and data to MSPs
  • When the need arises, send out relevant alerts or tickets
  • Monitor network conditions
  • Monitor all clients and endpoints simultaneously
  • Automate planned maintenance duties

Did you know that remote monitoring and management software does not always need to be expensive?

We share our top RMM options with you:


Atera is the ultimateĀ freeĀ solution both for MSPs as well as IT service providers.

It comes with everything you need: full RMM, built-in PSA, free remote accessibility, patch management, and IT automation. Alerts, helpdesk, ticketing. Chat reports. Billing.

LogMeIn Central

LogMeIn Central, a cloud-based remote monitoring management solution that allows IT professionals to monitor, manage and secure their endpoints, is 100% free.

LogMeIn Central can provide the speed, flexibility, and insight you need to increase productivity, lower IT costs, and mitigate risks. It doesn’t matter if your remote employees are located across the globe.


NinjaRMM, an all-in-1 RMM platform, combines time-saving, powerful functionality with an intuitive UI that IT professionals and MSPs fall in love with.

NinjaRMM is a tool that can increase efficiency in your business by integrating monitoring and alerting as well as patching, antivirus, backups, and IT automation into a single pane.

Kaseya VSA

Kaseya VSA, an integrated IT system management platform, can be used across multiple IT disciplines to automate and streamline your tech services.

The RMM software integrates key management capabilities into one platform. It can make your IT staff more productive, more reliable, more secure, and more valuable.

ESET Endpoint Security

ESET Endpoint Security, an RMM Software, offers multiple layers of protection and can detect malware before, during, and after execution.

Its cloud-based and on-premise cybersecurity management platforms allow for the deployment, management, and fulfillment of a reporting function for security incidents as well as the overall performance of ESET security solutions within the company network.

This solution is provided as a service and does not require you to purchase, install or maintain additional hardware. It allows you to focus on more important tasks while reducing your total cost of ownership.

SolarWinds Remote Monitoring & Management

SolarWinds Remote Monitoring & Management provides a comprehensive set of tools that can be used to protect, manage, and improve the IT operations across your client networks, regardless of complexity or size.

SolarWinds Remote Monitoring and Management offers full-spectrum protection against malware and other cyberattacks with its advanced patch management, antivirus, and web monitoring features. This next-level security feature can help you keep your business in compliance with regulations such as HIPAA.

This RMM Software can also analyze more than 5,000,000 endpoints simultaneously, which is its entire customer base. It will detect any arising threats or other concerns immediately and then use these insights to provide more comprehensive protection using predictive analytics.

SolarWinds N-central

SolarWinds N-central, a free RMM, can remotely monitor and manage devices as well complex networks. N-central is designed with security in mind and provides the visibility and effectiveness that you need to scale.

The main benefits of this product are:

  • Monitor everything in your customer network, not just workstations and servers. It could also help you troubleshoot issues quickly.
  • Keep up to date with security features such as MFA and antivirus, integrated endpoint detection, response, data backups, disk encryption, email protection, password management, and MFA.
  • You can automate common tasks using Rules and Filters. To customize policies by site or customer, you can use filters to create rules and filter settings to achieve the control and accuracy that you need.


Auvik’s cloud-based network administration software can help keep your IT networks running at their best all around the globe.

This free RMM automates and simplifies network management and can increase efficiency and productivity for your business while protecting it against network risk.


Domotz claims it is the best RMM software for IoT. They provide powerful network management software that is suitable for MSPs, business owners, security professionals, and integrators.

Remote Monitoring Management, available for free, is a cost-effective solution to manage and monitor customers’ networks. It features a plug-and-play setup, friendly UX, and a complete feature set that is accessible from any mobile browser or desktop computer.

If you aren’t sure what you need, or just want to “test the waters”, you can choose to get a free RMM before you buy commercial software.

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