Most of the machines come with Windows or Mac OS in the Today’s World. Such operating system may seem free, but they’re not. In order to mount windows yourself, manufacturers have to purchase the windows licence, and then you have to pay for a copy. Mac OS updates are automatic, but only people who have bought Macs can use the Mac OS. The price of the device contains some undisclosed costs.

5 Best Operating Systems for Free

On the Internet, there are many free operating systems available. But, we suggest that you make a copy of your data and files before accessing them. So, without further argument, let’s step straight to the point. The greatest free operating systems that most of us don’t yet know of are here:—

1. FreeBSD

The first solution to Windows and Mac OS is FreeBSD. This is not Linux if you are using a free operating system. Then, perhaps, an operating system based on BSD. It is an operating system that is open and Unix-like. FreeBSD is also somewhat close to Debian, and there are plenty of features and services that are even usable on Linux. In short, the best free operating system that is widely recommended and usable with all applications and computers is FreeBSD.


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  • Enabled Capsicum By design
  • Current Framework for Binary Packaging
  • Capsicum Mode of Capability

2. FreeDOS

FreeDOS, also to this day, is another wonderful free operating system that depends on MS-DOS. This enables you to run the old DOS software on both modern and virtual devices. You can use it to run your old games as well. In addition, it can accommodate multitasking, no GUI and once you run the regular mode, it can even run Windows 3.1. In addition , it offers maximum encryption that lets you protect against viruses. In short, FreeDOS is a free and open source DOS remake that can do anything that can be achieved by its predecessor.

3. ReactOS

Another free operating system that is completely built with the Windows NT architecture in mind is ReactOS. This suggests that much of the drivers and software on Windows can function smoothly. ReactOS ‘primary purpose is to provide consumers with a way to operate applications made for computers without Microsoft buying an operating system. It also worked with the wine project on the up and running projects. In short, ReactOS is a free operating system that is open source and built to provide you with superior services than most operating systems.


  • Styles, Lightweight
  • Tons of Modules Open
  • 9,000,000 + Code Lines

4. Haiku

Haiku is one of the market’s best free operating systems available. It is aimed at personal computing. In order to get started, you just need to visit the Haiku website and then download the files. You can either opt to download the files to a hard drive partition, or you can use the partition in live mode. In comparison, the Haiku has a deskbar instead of the taskbar available in windows, which helps you to navigate all the configurations and programmes inside the device. In short, Haiku is one of the best free operating systems on your computer that you need to use once.

5. eComStation

EComStation is a wonderful operating system that uses new hardware using the Popular OS/2 technology. The great thing about eComStation is that the security and reliability of the machine and the business applications are taken care of. So, if your safety scares you, then the safest option for you is the eComStation. In short, the best operating system is eComStation, but the only drawback is that it’s not open. To start using this operating system, you must spend at least $70. There’s even a demo available, so before buying, you can try it.


It’s that! This are the best free operating systems that, instead of Windows and Linux, you need to check out. I hope you have been helped by this post to select the right free OS you are looking for. Even, if you have any other operating system that our list deserves, then feel free to communicate through the comment box with us.

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