Hi mates, I’m going to tell you today how you can repair Socket Error 10060 on your machine. This also happens when you use multiple versions of the PC’s Windows operating system. If you know that as you attempt to connect to your web sites, this error occurs? This ensures that under the specified time period, your windows cannot connect to the ISP mail server.

If you are faced with this problem, then you may also be linked to a sluggish proxy service. So, keep reading this post and find out more about Socket error 10060.

How to find Socket Error 10060 on your Pc?

Socket Error 10060
If this error happens on your computer, you can easily find it. You just have to recall certain major signs that are essentially triggered by this mistake.

When the user is attempting to communicate via a website with the aid of web proxy service then the following error message is shown on the browser screen.

  1. The page cannot be displayed
  2. The website you are trying to enter is a problem and it can not be viewed.

Try the following, please:—

  • Click the Reset button or, later try again.
  • Open the home page of the file:/, and then search for links to the details you want.
  • Please contact the Website Administrator using the email address or phone number provided on the file:/ home page if you think you should be able to view this directory or page.

10060 – Connection timeout

This is the most popular error message that is seen when you are facing this issue on your browser page. There is one more error message that is shown in those error forms as well.

HTTP Error 404 Not Found

The Web server is unable to locate the file or script that you have submitted. In order to ensure the route is right, please review the URL.

If this issue continues, please contact the server’s administrator.
This kind of problem, however, can often be solved by just pressing the refresh button on your browser.

What is the actual cause behind this problem ?

Now let’s continue our conversation and figure out what is the primary issue behind this 10060 socket malfunction. This error may occur while the user is using the web browser’s proxy service and the link setting does not provide sufficient time for the web page to load, resulting in a connection timeout.

How to fix Socket Error 10060 on your Pc ?

As I have already said above, this error typically happens when the web browser is unable to load the web page within a given amount of time. Then you have to raise the time limit of your proxy service to load your website successfully to fix this socket error 10060. If you do not know how to expand your proxy service’s time limit, then just carefully follow the steps below.

But make sure to create a backup of your registry data before you get started. In this way, if you face some kind of issue when making changes, you can have a backup of your registry data that can be recovered successfully later.

Step 1. Click Start > Run, click Regedit, and then click OK.

Step 2. The next step, if you go to the subkey for the following registry:

HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W3Proxy\Parameters

Step 3. Tap on RequestTimeoutSecs then. Then press the Upgrade button.

Step 4. Click the Decimal button and set a time limit for the webpage to load. I would propose that you hold 180 or more of them.

Step 5. Then press the OK button again and reset your machine.

Everything that is. Then you can type 300 or more in the value data box if you are already facing the link timeout.

Hope you enjoyed the post. After reading this post, if you face any issues, you can express your doubts by leaving a comment below in the comment box. I also ask you to kindly share with your friends this post…

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