One of the most used email programmes around is the Microsoft Outlook software. It is also the most commonly used email programme for sending and receiving emails in the business world. As for every Microsoft application, when starting or running, Outlook may experience issues and one such issue is the 0x80042108 Windows error.

“You can start Outlook to read incoming emails only if an error message pops up on your computer screen stating that “Outlook Recorded Error Task (0x80042108) cannot connect to your incoming email server (POP3).

While when accessing in-coming mail, you are more likely to find an error, it may also occur when sending an email. Similarly, after downloading / upgrading Outlook, this can happen.

The error may occur while your device is starting/shutting down, when Outlook is running, or when Outlook is launching/closing. The existence of an error of 0x80042108 on your PC machine will trigger numerous other problems. This involve the successful program’s crashing, sluggish machine, and intermittent freezing.

Causes of Error 0x80042108 in Outlook

  1. Invalid Outlook settings.
  2. Corrupt Windows registry files.
  3. Corrupt/Damaged system files.
  4. Incomplete installation of Outlook.
  5. Virus/malware infection.
  6. Installation of a program that causes conflict with Outlook files.
  7. Accumulated emails in Outlook mailbox.
  8. Unstable/unreliable Internet connection.
  9. Installed third-party program and Firewall.
  10. Junk files with active threats.

Like with any other Windows error, you can quickly resolve error 0x80042108 using any of the following methods.

Ways to Fix Outlook Error 0x80042108 Easily

Method 1: Simple troubleshooting for 0x8004210888 error correction

Before you conduct some big troubleshooting operation, it is crucial that you keep your machine in good working condition. This is because the 0x80042108 error will cause very small problems.

1. If the configuration is not right, review your Outlook email settings and make the required corrections.
2. Ensure that the Internet link on your computer is robust and reliable.

3. Delete all of your computer’s junk files. Active threat junk files can cause several Windows errors, including the 0x80042108 error.

4. Using the enabled anti-virus/malware software, run a complete virus/malware scan on your computer. This would take care of any virus/malware that may be triggering the error on your operating device.

Method 2 – Check to Install any Pending Updates

The source of error 0x80042108 could be pending software updates and in particular, pending Outlook updates. If available, search for the same installation.

1. Select “Get Started.”

2. Until hitting Enter, type “Update” in the search window.

3. Check for any update(s) uninstalled in the subsequent Windows Upgrade dialogue box that emerges.

4. Right-click and edit each one of them.

Only reboot your machine. Start Outlook and proceed to send or view incoming emails to see whether the 0x80042108 error is fixed or not.

Method 3 – Update Computer Divers

Drivers are critical elements of the device of your machine. Communication between the device and all programmes and software installed is supported by them. For smooth device operations, they need to be built and must be up-to-date. Check to see if there are any disabled drivers or any drivers that need to be changed.

1. Right-click “My Computer” before “Properties” is picked.

2. “Select “Director for Computers.

3. When searching for some device with a yellow exclamation mark, browse through all the devices identified.

4. Until selecting the Upgrade Driver, right-click on any such unit.

After the update, restart your device. Start Outlook and attempt to send or scan incoming emails to see if the 0x80042108 error has been corrected.

Method 4: If halted, search and automate the Windows Update Program

1. The “Cortana” opens.

2. “The “Services” search.

3. When asked, type the password before pressing ‘Skip’.

4. Check in the resulting Services window for ‘Windows Upgrade Program.’

5. When the service is stopped, double-click or right-click) and change its configuration from either disabled or manual to automatic before pressing ‘Start.’

It is also very interesting for you to assess the Outlook email service status to see whether it is halted or running. Before you start Outlook, restart your machine and check whether you are still having a 0x80042108 mistake.

Method 5: Repair Outlook Program

You should patch the 0x80042108 error by restoring the Outlook software. This approach would work for you in the event of an error triggered by corrupt Outlook files. It includes restoring the PST file of Outlook using the repair programme scanpst.exe.

Step 1: Press the ‘Start’ button or enter the ‘Start Menu.’

Step 2: Before you press Enter, type ‘scanpst.exe’ in the search window.

Step 3: The process of repair should immediately start. To restore all the files inside, let the instrument run to completion.

When the patch is complete, start Outlook to see whether the mistake is corrected or not.

Method 6- Outlook Software Uninstall and Reinstall

If both of the above solutions fail to fix error 0x80042108, it would be necessary to uninstall and reinstall Outlook. Doing it can be useful if Outlook implementation issues have existed or the installation has never been finished in the first place.

  • “Start Menu” control.
  • Tap “Programs and Characteristics.”
  • Under the name tab, find Microsoft Outlook.
  • On the ribbon at the end, press “Uninstall/Change”.
  • To totally uninstall Outlook, follow the corresponding on-screen directions to the letter.

Until re-installing Outlook with new files, restart your computer. The 0x80042108 error should be corrected.

Depending on what led it to occur in the first place, either of the above solutions can correct error 0x80042108. There is a small risk, though that the mistake can remain permanent. The other option to restore your machine back to a time when Outlook performed without any complications would be conducting device restoration. Only in very exceptional situations would it be appropriate to re-install Windows OS fully.

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