Comodo Rescue Disk can be downloaded and burned

  • Click on ‘Tasks > Advanced Tasks
  • Click ‘Create Rescue Disk’

The setup screen explains how to create a rescue disk.

Step 1: Select the ISO file

Optional You can select the rescue disk ISO already downloaded from Comodo by clicking here. You can ignore this step if you have not yet downloaded the rescue disk ISO from Comodo. It will automatically be downloaded during Step 3.

Step 2 – Select target drive

Choose the USB/CD/DVD on which you wish to burn the rescue disc. To run the antivirus product, you will need to boot to this disc.

DVD or Burn CD

  • You can label a blank DVD or CD with “Comodo Rescue Disk Bootable” and then load it into your CD/DVD drive
  • Click on ‘Select Target Drive” from the “Comodo Rescue Disk” interface, and then select the drive from the ‘Select Disk’ dialog.
  • Click “OK”

Copy to a USB Drive

  • Click “Select Target Drive” from the Comodo Rescue Disk’ interface to select the drive from the Select Disk dialog

Step 3 – Burn your Rescue Disk

  • Click “Start”
  • Burning will begin immediately if you have selected a local ISO during step 1. If you do not have a local ISO, you can download it from the Comodo servers.

After downloading the ISO, the setup will burn it to your drive.

After completion, files will be written to the USB Drive or CD/DVD.

  • Do not eject the USB/CD/DVD drive before the writing process has been completed. Once the burning process has finished, the CD/DVD/USB drive will automatically be ejected.

Your Comodo Rescue Disk is now available.

  • To return to the CIS interface, click ‘Continue.