Clean USB C Port  –  especially USB-C ports on smartphones — are constantly in danger of getting crammed with dust, dirt, and other debris.

It is easy to see why. You can often force loose objects into the small opening if you keep your phone in your pocket, or carry a bag with your port-side up.

This could be a sign that your USB cable isn’t securely snapping into place. You may have to charge your phone with a different charger. It is time to clean the USB-C port.

Here’s the way to do exactly that without damaging your device.

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How to properly clean a USB-C port?

Wash your USB-C port with care if you want to clean it. Avoid inserting metal objects such as safety pins or knife blades into your USB-C port. Metal can damage delicate contacts and even cause damage to the device.

Instead, you will need maybe a can of compressed gas and a toothpick or plastic floss pick.

1. 1.Open the can of compressed gasoline. The compressed gas can be used to loosen and blow away debris, but not insert anything into the port. The straw-like attachment can be used to blow air into the port. You should use short, controlled bursts and keep the can straight up so that you don’t blow any liquid.

2. If the compressed gas does not remove all of the debris, you can use a toothpick. You can begin by making it thinner using a knife (a modeling knife is best). The port is too small for a typical toothpick. A disposable plastic dental pick is also an option. Disposable floss’s pick is usually thinner than a toothpick, so it is ideal for this job.

3. Use the toothpick/dental pick to insert the thinned toothpick into the port. You must be careful and ensure that you don’t damage or bend the internet connection.

4. Continue to blow compressed gas into the port one more time. This will allow you to remove any material that was not removed with the toothpick/dental pick.

How to keep your USB-C port clean in the future?

You can try changing how you transport or carry your USB-C port if you have frequent issues with it getting dirty. The easiest way to fix this is to place it upside down in your bag or pocket. The port is placed last, and it is not being driven toward dirt or debris.

To clean the port, some people place a small amount of tape on the top. You can also buy a plug to insert into the USB-C port. This will keep debris out.

There are a variety of options available, like this 10-pack of USB-C anti-dust plugs from into gadgets.

User Questions:

1. Cleaning USB – C port

Yesterday, the USB – C port of my RMP was laden with dust/lint. What would you recommend for cleaning it?

I used a dry toothbrush to brush my teeth and was careful not to touch the connectors. The USB – C port is very fragile considering how often it’s being used (continuously plugging in chargers and accessories) as well as the fact that it’s highly susceptible to dust and lint. It could take just a few strokes with a toothbrush.

2. Cleaning the Pixel 2 XL USB port

Reaching out for a few suggestions to wash my dirty USB port…

I took my phone on vacation and it was not recognized by the device. …). All is well except for the dirt in the USB port and the fact that my headphones and data cables aren’t being recognized despite charging the phone. Likely, it’s just a matter of cleaning it. Any suggestions for how to safely and effectively do this?

I don’t have many tools and have only tried a toothpick. Maybe I can place the port in a glass of water to soften the dirt and then use the toothpick again. If the back range isn’t in a couple of days, I will wrap the toothpick with a tiny wet microfiber cloth to gently rub it.

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3. How to clean the charging port

My P2 has stopped making an honest connection and sometimes it is not charging within the first hour of the day. It charges when I push it in very hard. It seems dirty to me

I’ve tried several chargers and all had the same result. My wife has a P2XL and they have no issues. I also tried a mild blast, but with no success.

What are the simplest thanks to set about cleaning the port; therefore, the charger will make an honest connection, OR what does one all suggest?

4. USB c port problem

I already change the USB c port, but fast charging won’t work, and also, once I connect the phone to pc or laptop, nothing happened.

5. USB Type C loose connection

You were correct. The USB-C socket was covered in dirt. This was also cleaned out by me using a needle.

The Cable is now working fine. Thank you for the tip.

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