Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18985 (20H1) is available from Microsoft to Insiders in the Fast Ring, including a fresh, optional update experience, Snip & Sketch update, as well as a fresh Bluetooth pairing experience.

You can update to the Insider Preview Build 18985 by going to the Settings-> Update & Security-> Windows Update and then search for new updates when you are a Windows Inventory Insider.


Windows 10 Insider Build 18985

The significant modifications discovered in this Insider construct are detailed below.

Bluetooth improved pairing

If a supported Bluetooth device is found in this build, Microsoft will encourage you to notify you if you want to pair it.

The following fresh improvements to this fresh experience are included.

  • Pairing in notifications is all performed now. You no longer have to go to the Settings app to complete pairing.
  • We enhanced the user interface for quicker pairing by displaying one less notification.
  • To the first notification, we added a Dismiss button to give you more control while using Swift Pair.
  • To make the notification useful, we now indicate the name and category of the device when possible.

Microsoft rolls this function out to just 50% of the insiders when they check it for quality. It will later expand to more insiders.

The tools that you can use this fresh experience include:

  • Surface Ergonomic Keyboard
  • Surface Precision Mouse
  • Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse
  • Surface Mobile Mouse
  • Microsoft Arc Mouse
  • Surface Arc Mouse
  • Surface Headphones

Optional changes to the update experience

Microsoft moves into a fresh page known as “Optional Updates View” all optional updates including drivers, function updates, and monthlier non-security updates.

As some Insiders have noticed, we’re working on making it easier for you to see all optional updates (including drivers, feature updates, and monthly non-security quality updates) in one place. Once optional updates are detected, they will be listed in a new page under Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > View optional updates. For drivers, you no longer need to browse Device Manager for a specific device to update. Windows Update will automatically keep your drivers up-to-date, same as before, but if you’re having a problem one of those optional drivers might help.

Update Snip & Sketch app

Microsoft releases Snip & Sketch to all Insiders, version 10.1907. With this updated application, the two significant modifications are single window mode and zoom.

  • Single window mode: Some of you prefer to close your previous snip when you click the Snip & Sketch button so you don’t end up in a lot of windows. This will be the default choice in the future. Don’t care if you enjoyed various windows! If you go to Snip & Sketch settings, that is also still an option.
  • Zoom support: Now you can zoom in if they’re too tiny to be annotated (yes, Touch, CTRL+Plus, CTRL+Minus, Ctrl+Mouse wheel supported!) If you want to keep a Snip & Sketch window small we will also get a zoom to make sure the whole snip fits into the Snip & Sketch window.

Zoom support

Other noteworthy problems and modifications:

Below are some of the other noticeable corrections, bugs and other problems.

  • This build fixes an problem where the Task Manager shows that certain GPUs have an unexpectedly elevated temperature.
  • Fixed a problem with the 0 percent use of CPU in the Task Manager tab.
  • Fixed a problem with the Cloud Reset function that does not display the right quantity of room to operate or not when certain optional functions are installed.


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