If you have internet services in your home or office, getting in touch with customer service is a normal occurrence. This is because unresolved problems such as billing concerns, customer requests, slow-service grievances, Wi-Fi issues, or many other items will arise. And it creates problems and gets annoying if you don’t have the correct number, since you have to phone around and wait until you’re linked to the right agency.


Keeping in touch with customer relations is not a daunting job for Hughesnet clients, since there are multiple ways to reach them. Hughesnet customer support staff have it covered for you, regardless of whether you have trouble with access, billing, speed fluctuations or want to add some more details to your account.

What is HughesNet Customer Service Phone Number?

You should dial 1-855-771-3154 to get assistance if you wish to reach HughesNet customer care by phone. It does not matter whether you are an English speaking client or your favourite contact language is Spanish, you will be able to chose.

You will get help with your billing issues from this phone line, find out more about your newly put orders, call for a specialist to come by to repair any problems for you, or any other duties relating to customer service.

Other Ways to Contact HughesNet Customer Service

Hughesnet also has other solutions for you if you do not have the patience to call customer care and are interested in finding out about alternative ways to contact HughesNet Customer Services and Help. Without calling CS, these options allow clients to get assistance. In addition, you can use these strategies during busy hours where there is a long waiting period to talk to a rep and spare yourself the hassle of sitting online for hours.

HughesNet Live Chat Support

Without contacting customer support, Live Chat is a simpler way for consumers to get answers to their questions or get assistance with their account. Hughesnet also provides consumers with this option so that they can ask for support anytime they need it, without depending on calling.

Generally, there are many chat support teams that are professional in their fields and deal with numerous issues according to their skills. For eg, if you have a billing problem, Live Chat can carry an online agent with his/her experience in coping with billing problems. That simplifies the flow and saves time and benefits consumers more quickly.

For those people who are reluctant to be on a phone who wish to multi-task, this is often a perfect option so that they do not have to schedule a certain time to connect to someone from customer care.

Email Assistance

If live customer care staff talk or even calling is not a choice for you, messaging them by email is another way that you can use to explain your dilemma to the customer service.

You will do so after signing in to your account if you want to send an email to Hughesnet customer support. After that, you will have to complete the online form of your account that will be open to you. Write your inquiry with full details and the approach you are looking for in the details. For example, if it’s a billing problem that you try to get an extension on the due date, you can include all the information and let them know when you can pay the bill. Upload the form until you are finished.

Usually, within the next few hours, customers get a response. However, with respect to email replies, the maximum time period given by Hughesnet is 24 hours. So, instead of writing again and again, be careful and wait for them to reply.

HughesNet Mobile App

Hughesnet also provides a smartphone app for those who are interested in a way to handle their account quickly instead of having any medium to access customer care over and over again. This software helps clients to monitor their accounts, update their monthly data information, add data discounts, review billing details, and even ask for help if they need any.

When everything is available and is in one place, this makes it a lot smoother. In comparison, because they can do a lot of stuff from their devices, it saves consumers the trouble of contacting customer support with any minor issue.

You should go to the app store or play on the phone and check for the Hughesnet smartphone app if you want to take advantage of this. You will have to log in to your online account after installing it. In front of you, the dashboard will open and show you all the options and the menus for what you can do with the app.

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