What is Device Manager?

A vital security feature is the Android Device Manager that can find a device lost or stolen via an app. When it is confirmed that the device is uncovered, the owner can choose to lock the content from Android remotely or wipe it off. The device owner must connect the device to their Google account to benefit from this security feature.

The Android Device Manager has the following key features that facilitate locating a lost / stolen appliance:

Easy to locate the device

After installing and connecting the Android Deviser to the device’s respective Google account, you can easily track that device by signing in from any system.

The Android Device Manager is built with the following key features. Even if the device is taken around, the device owner can locate and view the map. The Android device manager can support multiple devices and can be viewed easily in a list view from the drop-down view.

If the device is lost, the owner of the device can ring or lock the device so that the data stored in the device is protected.

  • The user can also modify or configure a password or PIN. On the locked screen a message is displayed to help the device owner contact the device owner.
  • The smartphone is ringing at its maximum volume when the ring tone is switched off or down. For the next five minutes, the telephone can ring in full volume.
  • You can access the website of the Android Device Manager by signing up from or from your computer as a guest in the Android Device Manager app.
  • If there are clear indications that the device is unrecoverable, the user can wipe the device with the Android Device Manager. The phone is restored to factory settings after the wipe command is executed.
  • The owner of the device can never connect via the Android Device Manager with the device. Even when power is off, this feature is active. This “wipe” option avoids the use of your device or even the data that is stored in your device.

You have the possibility to login to Android Device Manager as a Guest

Help a friend to track and control your stolen device. This option can be used to enable your friend, either stolen or lost, to locate and control your device (ring, lock or wipe).

How can Android Device Manager be used?

The first thing you need to start installing and signing on is to start using the Android device manager: the Android Device Manager app is available through the Google Play app. Find it and download and set it up. You will, however, have to make sure that the app works as a device manager and gives you the power to wipe or lock your device.

  • To download the Android Device Manager application, you will need a Google account. Use that account to sign up to Device Manager. Any of the Google accounts you have on your phone can be used. You can find these accounts in a download list when opening the application. You can sign up with the Google password and click the Blue Sign button.
  • Make sure the location function is activated.
  • Activate remote wipe data.
  • Sign in to a website or app on another device with your Google Account to find and control your device if that device is stolen or lost.
  • Now you’ll see a pop-up dashboard that shows the rest of the options for your device.
  • By checking the map that appears automatically, you can understand the location of the device.
  • You will also receive information on the battery level, whether and when the device is in the internet.
  • By pressing the Play Sound option, you can constantly ring your device at the highest volume for five minutes.
  • The lock option allows you to remotely lock your Android device so that nobody is allowed to abuse your data.
  • You can use the Delete option to delete all your photos, music, apps and other device settings. Even if your device is offline, the next time it comes online the deletion and reset will occur.
  • Note that you can’t access your device from the app once it’s wiped clean.