Top 4 Best Tripods for Video and Vlogging

Tripods are created to help you film or take a decent shot of better videos. In fact, it lets you stabilize the video if you move when filming. If you buy a tripod, the key points that I would recommend you remember are that it is lightweight and robust, and its overall versatility. You need something durable to carry your camera, whether you are taking an indoor video or travel images. You wouldn’t want anything that might tip over and crash your gear quickly, and you would want something that might force you to cart your camera around all day long, but you’d also want one that’s not too heavy or cumbersome to carry.

When it comes to tripods that are really helpful, there’s not too anything to pick from, so I’m going to list the 4 best vlogging tripods, what it’s good for and hopefully it will help you determine which one is right for your needs.

1. GorillaPod JOBY. It’s always so common with vloggers. “The “Master” of all tripods. This tripod can be used by you in three (3) ways. First, you can use it like a regular tripod to keep your camera on a flat surface, second, you can cover it with a selfie stick as well, and third, you can bend your legs as a very cool function of this tripod. Yes, you can fold it the way you want, though. Would you want to hang that on a tree? Sure. Oh, sure. You want to wrap this up on a pole? No trouble. The JOBY GorillaPod will help you with that, if you want to put your camera at odd angles. This tripod is flexible in many respects, because of its design, legs are a little chunky to carry, but that’s never been a concern. It can hold virtually any form of camera. With its video tripods, JOBY also has phone tripods with the same features.

The downside is that to protect your camera or tablet, you really have to balance your camera and bend those legs properly.

Generally, the JOBY GorillaPod 3K Pro is what most individuals use. They’ve got a GorillaPod 5K Pro, but it seems to be larger and harder to bear than the 3K.

2. With SwitchPod. Somehow, this tripod can be compact, light weight, but can accommodate heavy gears, referring to the JOBY GorillaPod replacement. Two (2) ways, one as a selfie stick and the second as a standard tripod, can be used. What’s nice with this tripod is that the SwitchPod helps you to go from selfie mode to table-top mode in seconds, unlike the JOBY GorillaPod that you need to manually change the legs to turn it back from selfie to table top mode. Especially if you’re flying, it looks elegant, the handles are slim and really really perfect as it doesn’t take up room. Unlike the JOBY, which is a little chunky, the handles are shape fitting, so that you can comfortably keep it for a long time. It can be seen on cameras and mobile phones.

The drawback is, it’s all wings, but you do need to buy a ball head that you can install on it so that you can tilt your camera from various angles, because it’s not bendable like the JOBY GorillaPod if you look at it. It’s a great stick and a tripod for a table-top. When it comes to stability, size and look, it’s a pretty recent product and still a perfect option.

3. Compact Motion Tripod by Manfrotto. This Tripod is a stable and durable tripod that can accommodate DSLR or heavier gears, perfect for traveling. The highest weight that it can bear is about 3 kilograms. It weights about 1 kg, making it lightweight, ideal for anywhere. It’s small and doesn’t take up too much space. It can be stretched to 5 feet long. It firmly holds your gear, so there’s no need to think about it. One of the most trusted experienced tripods.

4. Travel Tripod from Peak Nature. Aluminum and carbon fiber come in two forms (a bit pricey). This is what I would get if I were a traveling vlogger. The fact that it’s so thin, almost the size of a bottle of water, is already a point of purchase for me. Simple to bear, super lightweight, super compact. The aluminum weights just around 3.4 pounds, and the carbon fiber is a little bit lighter. You can move your cam in any direction, even go absolutely vertical, because your ball head has a lot of versatility. You can reverse and turn the middle column if you want to take really narrow angles, so you can take low-angle shots. Fantastic. This is consistent with several different camera styles, as well as with your computer. Yeah, you can use it as a phone tripod. Another handy advantage of this tripod is that it won’t take you longer than 30 seconds to set it up and pack it quickly. Like a foldable umbrella closing. It looks like this tripod was designed to fulfill all the specifications of the Content Developer.

So I will go with the JOBY GorillaPod for overall versatility, weight, reliability, and price, since you can do so much with it, and the Peak Style Travel Tripod because it has everything you might wish for in a tripod. Simple and simple to use. It’s flawless. Note that using a flip screen camera as an articulated screen can make your life much simpler when a tripod is activated.


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