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Tokyo Revengers from Kodansha manga series Tokyo Revengers will soon return to television screens with its second season anime adaptation that will adapt the Christmas Showdown Arc from its source material manga.

Takemichi Hanagaki is struggling with part-time jobs when he learns that his former girlfriend from junior high has been killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang. Devastated, Takemichi vows to save her.

Takemichi Hanagaki

Takemichi Hanagaki is the protagonist of Tokyo Revengers, a manga series about time-travelling teenagers. In his first episode, Takemichi must work alongside Kisaki and Hanma to save Hinata Tachibana and other members of the Tokyo Manji Gang from being murdered by time travel.

Takemichi finds himself travelling back twelve years when he finds himself on an unexpected train journey, experiencing life with the Tokyo Manji Gang again and vowing to change their fates for good.

Takemichi’s resolve and perseverance have reached new levels in season 2, as he sacrifices himself to save Mikey and Chifuyu from harm. Furthermore, his visions provide invaluable help on his missions.

Takemichi still cries too frequently and isn’t as strong as his counterparts in the cast; to become a worthy opponent he needs to learn how to fight properly; nonetheless he remains beloved by fans of anime and manga alike.

Hinata Tachibana

Tokyo Revengers’ inaugural season was an unprecedented success and one of the year’s best anime. Packed with action and plenty of thrills, while also providing excellent character development and emotional roller coaster ride – especially with Bloody Halloween’s excellent job of exploring interpersonal relationships – Tokyo Revengers won rave reviews all around.

Takemichi Hanagaki is living an increasingly chaotic existence since the death of Hinata Tachibana at the hands of Tokyo Manji Gang in middle school. After saving Kisaki from bullies, he discovers she is Hinata’s younger sister; though he manages to save her from an imminent disaster due to past tragedy, Takemichi remains haunted by past memories.

Adam begins to grasp the consequences of his timeline interference, and must find a way to stop the murder of his adolescent love. Meanwhile, he makes connections within Tokyo Manji Gang; particularly with Manjiro “Mikey” Sano and Ken Ryuguji (nicknamed Draken). It serves as an important step towards meeting up with Tetta Kisaki for one final showdown.

Chifuyu Shiba

Tokyo Revengers has been renewed for season 2! Set to premiere this summer and consist of 13 episodes, this second season will follow Takemichi as she fights the Black Dragon to prevent attacks against Tokyo Manji Gang members from attacking themselves; viewers will also meet new characters like Mikey and Draken in addition to him.

Takemichi solidified his resolve this week’s episode by declaring his intention to kill Taiju Shiba and seize control of Black Dragon no matter the cost, even as Kisaki and Hanma betrayed him ruthlessly. However, Kisaki and Hanma attempted to subvert Takemichi by betraying him ruthlessly as well.

Tokyo Revengers received praise for its character design and animation, though not without flaws; such as its lack of depth, inconsistent story, and poor fight scenes that led manga readers away from it. Yet even with these issues in play, Tokyo Revengers managed to deliver an enjoyable conclusion to its first season; an indicator that its second installment can only become better!

Hanma Shiba

Hanma is Kisaki’s right-hand man and member of the Tokyo Manji Gang. A sadistic and cruel character, Hanma delights in violence and its subsequent chaos; often seen gloating and laughing at the death of enemies he destroys. However, he has established some standard values towards those working alongside him and becomes horrified when Mikey suddenly attacks both allies and foes without warning.

This lanky and bold character has earned his title of an adrenaline junkie with his distinctive way of fighting that sets him apart in the Tokyo Revengers universe. His flashy style can take on anyone, even tough gang members; his powerful kicks can even bring them down on their knees!

If you haven’t watched Tokyo Revengers yet, I recommend giving it a shot! The second season will soon be available on Crunchyroll and other streaming services; its Black Dragon Arc promises to change both heroes and villains lives!

Kisaki Shiba

Kisaki Shiba is an ambitious criminal who will do anything to reach his goals. Using his cunning, Kisaki rose through the ranks of Tokyo Manji Gang despite betraying Takemichi and Chifuyu; orchestrating Hinata Tachibana’s murder; becoming leader of Black Dragon, an rival gang founded by Mikey’s older brother Shinichiro; now leading him on.

Takemichi later returns to the present and discovers that Toman has adopted Kisaki into their organization as one of its key members and that Chifuyu leaked information about him to police; Takemichi intends to kill Chifuyu as revenge against her actions.

Takemichi faces off against Kisaki, who attempts to shoot him. But Izana intervenes and is fatally wounded during this attempt – giving Takemichi enough of an opening to defeat Kisaki and capture him. Mikey and Draken arrive soon thereafter, helping the trio prepare for battle against Black Dragon; unfortunately however, an unexpected development threatens their plan but is quickly resolved when former members of their gang step in to save them from imminent doom.

Mikey Shiba

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 is an action/fight drama that follows delinquent high school students turned gangsters. It includes multiple fight sequences, friendship, love, betrayal and time travelling; with an excellent story that any fan of high school gangsters can appreciate. I think this show makes for great viewing!

Mikey announces at a Tokyo Manji Gang meeting that Inui and Koko have joined his division along with Kisaki who was kicked out from Moebius and Valhalla after losing in Bloody Halloween. Additionally, Takemichi receives a motorbike built using Shinichiro’s engine from the Philippines.

Later, Takemichi meets Chifuyu who tells him about Baji joining Valhalla to expose Kisaki. Traveling 12 years into the future to meet Naoto and gain more information, Takemichi encounters Nobutaka Osanai who used to be president of Moebius; Nobutaka Osanai revealed Kisaki orchestrated a fight between Valhalla and Tokyo Manji Gang so as to gain control of Valhalla, although Takemichi tried convincing him against continuing. Eventually Takemichi gives up convincing him.

Mitsuya Shiba

After much anticipation, Tokyo Revengers Season 2 has finally arrived. There have been some minor adjustments made here and there; however, Takemichi remains unchanged in an alternate timeline timeline; thus demonstrating just how little character development takes place within this anime.

Mitsuya Shiba denies Vice-Captain Hakkai Shiba’s request to leave the Tokyo Manji Gang. Taiju Shiba, leader of the Black Dragons and elder brother to Hakkai, ordered him not to. This led to their 10th generation merging with that of Tokyo Manji Gang.

Mitsuya remains an invaluable member of the Gang and boasts exceptional fighting skills. He even managed to trade blows with Taiju Shiba for some time; unfortunately he wasn’t able to save Hakkai from Taiju’s abusive brother Takemichi, leading Takemichi into interrogation and eventually losing Hina and forcing Takemichi back through time in an effort to stop it all happening again.

Draken Shiba

As Takemichi attempts to rescue his friends from the Black Dragons, he encounters Izana Kurokawa. Takemichi soon discovers that this relative of Shinichiro Shiba holds a grudge against Mikey since Shinichiro wanted Mikey as leader instead of Mikey being chosen instead – something which angers Takemichi further who becomes determined to defeat Izana and prove he’s not like himself currently.

Once Takemichi rescues his friends from death, he returns to the present. There he finds out that the Tokyo Manji Gang and Black Dragons have combined into a large crime organization; unfortunately for Takemichi though, his friends continue to die.

As Takemichi meets Emma, a girl acquainted with members of the Tokyo Manji Gang, he is invited to their meeting and discovers they are fighting Moebius to avenge for one of their members’ death and planning on killing Draken – something Takemichi tries to stop by fighting Kiyomasa but ultimately his hand is stabbed and his life saved by Tokyo Manji Gang members.

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