Tokyo Revengers is an action-packed shonen filled with bloodshed and drama. Although the show may contain flaws such as plot holes, annoying pacing, and unpleasant characters, Tokyo Revengers may appeal to beginners making their debut into anime.

After learning that Tokyo Manji had killed his only ex-partner, Takemichi Hanagaki decided to change his course and time travel twelve years back into the past.

Takemichi Hanagaki

Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old temp worker with an indescribably dark outlook on life, discovers that his middle school love, Hinata Tachibana was killed by Tokyo Manji Gang during a dispute. But soon afterwards he learns of a way back into time that can save his friends from dying in present timeline.

He meets Kazutora Hanemiya of the Valhalla Gang and she brings him to her brother Naoto who works as a police officer. Naoto gives Takemichi an update on the current timeline as Chifuyu had secured video footage showing Takemichi ordering Akkun to murder Hina but refused to turn it in to Kisaki, prompting Takemichi to time leap once more.

No matter his efforts, Takemichi cannot stop Hinata’s death. As an adult he wrestles with grief and the effects of meddling with timeline. Over time he gains the attention of Manjirou “Mikey” Sano and Chifuyu Matsuno who both become his comrades-in-arms.

As Mikey and Tenjiku battle the Yokohama gang Tenjiku, an old adversary attacks. When one of Tenjiku’s Big Four arrives to support them, things escalate further. Meanwhile, Mikey begins acting oddly, suggesting he has lost trust with Tokyo Manji founding members.

Tokyo Manji Gang

Tokyo Manji Gang (Toman), also referred to as Toman, is an organization led by Manjiro Sano “Mikey” and Ken Ryuguji “Draken.” Each division contains around 100 members; Toman was established by Manjiro’s father Baji in Tenjiku in the future and has become a powerful criminal enterprise known for time travel capabilities.

Pah-Chin is an uncompromising freeter who doesn’t back down from any fight, earning himself the nickname of the “hot-headed savior”. However, in his original timeline he died; nevertheless Takemichi remains hopeful and believes he can save their friends again in future timelines.

Takemichi and Draken become cornered during their battle with Kisaki by several Moebius members who threaten them with physical assault. While calling an ambulance for assistance, the members continued fighting among themselves until Inui intervenes and suggests they leave the Tokyo Manji Gang and form their own group instead.

After the battle, Takemichi and Hinata reconcile, only to be parted once again when Akkun crashes his van into her car and drives off again. Takemichi realizes he broke up with Hinata in the past and vows to go back in time in order to prevent her death in present-day timeline timeline. Upon return though, Takemichi finds himself being shoved off of train tracks before time leaps back twelve years into the past.

Black Dragon

At rock bottom, Takemichi Hanagaki closes his eyes in fear that he’s about to die – only to wake up 12 years later in a better place, having unwittingly time traveled back 12 years. A mob pushed him off a train platform and unknowingly time traveled forward 12 years.

Chifuyu Matsuno quickly becomes friends with Takemichi after meeting for the first time, yet both share similar tragic pasts that haunt them, yet are working towards creating brighter futures for themselves and those they care for. Meanwhile, Tokyo Manji Gang becomes more powerful with the addition of Hakkai Shiba as leader of Black Dragon; Hakkai Shiba being Yuzuha’s older brother and leader of this gang.

At the next gang meeting, Inupi proposes inviting Takemichi as 11th leader of Black Dragons; Mikey refuses. Eventually he learns that Tenjiku has targeted division captains like Mitsuya and Smiley causing severe injuries that require hospitalization.

At that time, Takemichi impressed Hakkai at a bowling alley and was invited over to his house, only to be attacked by Black Dragon members led by Taiju Shiba – Hakkai’s older brother and leader of the 10th generation Black Dragon – upon entering. Takemichi then realized he may kill Taiju by accident and decided to stop it before he did; hence the start of Christmas Conflict Arc.


Chifuyu is an honest and logical individual with strong loyalty, making him an indispensable ally to Takemichi in his cause. Chifuyu doesn’t shy away from fighting hard for his friends even if this means getting knocked around by them; he also possessing strong work ethics which are motivated him towards becoming successful in his career and providing invaluable assistance for Takemichi’s cause.

After taking the fall for a crime boss, Takemichi reunites with Chifuyu. Along with Mikey and Draken, the group visit the Sano family grave together before interviewing Osanai about Kisaki’s past relationship. Mikey announces that Tokyo Manji Gang and Valhalla will merge, with Takemichi serving as first division captain while Chifuyu becoming an executive member.

Takemichi meets Chifuyu during the Christmas Showdown Arc at a local restaurant. He learns she owns and operates a pet store; in addition, she tells Takemichi she will fulfill a request made by Baji before his death for him to divide his Peyong Yakisoba into halves.

At Anime Japan, many of the characters from the anime were present, delighting fans by seeing them interact with one another. Yuuki Shin (Takemichi Hanagaki), Sho Karino (Chifuyu Matsuno) and Tasuku Hatanaka (Hakkai Shiba) among many others did an outstanding job of recreating their characters’ voices while performing catchphrases for audiences – it is evident that these actors share great on-screen chemistry that fans are eagerly anticipating Season 2 when it finally airs!


Mikey may seem like one of the more distant characters in Tokyo Revengers, yet he always finds ways to connect with others. For example, Mikey foresaw that the Battle of 8/3 would take place and was able to protect Draken from Kiyomasa’s knife. Mikey and Baji shared an inseparable bond; unfortunately Baji died that very same day after tricking Toman members into believing he had betrayed them.

Mikey feels an affinity towards Emma, the daughter of Draken’s sister; they are half-siblings. Although Mikey has yet to meet Emma directly in person, he knows she remains part of him and his life despite never seeing her again; even trusting her with his life until it was taken by Kisaki.

Mikey can often be found among his peers from the Tokyo Manji Gang in various timelines, appearing with Chifuyu, Draken, Pah-chin and Mitsuya. Mikey often acts as “figurehead” of this gang; at its next meeting he made an important announcement: the third division captain would change in line with new initiatives between gangs; this change gave them increased power and stability while opening more collaboration opportunities among themselves.


Tokyo Revengers will feature The Black Dragons prominently in its second season. A trailer and key visuals give viewers a sneak peak into what lies ahead, featuring voice actors Junya Enoki (Inui Seisyu from Jujutsu Kaisen) and Natsuki Hanae (Kokonoi Hajime from Demon Slayer) playing members of this gang.

Once Takemichi travels back in time, he discovers that Mikey and Draken are alive and well; additionally he discovers that his friends have established the new gang known as Bonten and are currently engaged in a power struggle with the old one.

Kisaki tried to intervene, but was shot and killed. Izana bravely offered himself as an offering so as to protect Takemichi and prevent his father’s death from occurring.

After their leader died, The Tokyo Manji Gang is in disarray and their leader’s death has sent ripples through both gangs. Toman was ready to fight BD but Draken intervenes due to Mitsuya’s truce agreement; fighting would be disrespectful and keeping to it would gain them respect from Mitsuya and Takemichi promises they’ll do whatever is necessary in order to make amends for past wrongs; eventually Black Dragons join in battle as part of Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown Arc; 13 episodes total are dedicated to this battle so it may take awhile until we get our next installment from them in this series!

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