Three Ways to Uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud

Among design developers, the family of Adobe Creative Cloud products is highly common. It has twenty products, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign flagships. These are, no doubt, strong tools for making beautiful visuals.

You’re presumably here because you want to uninstall and reinstall anything that went wrong with the CC installation. Or you may have sought solutions to it. Or with your concept game, you’re finished and want to free up some room on your computer. There are strong arguments to consider dropping Adobe CC. Let’s look at a variety of ways that you can do it.

Removing Adobe CC Manually

If you’re using Adobe Creative Cloud on a Mac or a Windows system, you can manually delete it from your computer by following these steps.

Step 1. Sign into your account on your laptop. If you have lost your credentials, consult Help on the method of replacement.

Step 2. Remove one by one all the CC applications you have. Look for a list of all the apps on your account that you have. To disable it, use the Menu alongside each program.

Step 3. Delete the software until you have cleaned out all the CC apps.

  • If you are using Windows, open the Configuration menu, find Adobe CC, and press the appropriate button to uninstall it.
  • An uninstallation software from the official Adobe Help Center can be downloaded by MacOS users. A few extra precautions can be taken. Read a comprehensive guide on how to uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud from MacOS if you’re puzzled at this stage.

Step 4. Delete the remaining files and directories from Adobe. Afterwards, don’t forget to vacuum the garbage bin.

Step 5. Computer reset.

Using an uninstaller to delete Adobe CC

If you have attempted to manually uninstall Adobe CC program but have little success, download an official uninstaller.

Step 1. Ensure that the content is stable. Before launching the uninstaller, take a minute to back-up the files and directories you wish to preserve. Back-up instructions can be found on the official Adobe website.

Step 2. Download and remove the files from the Adobe website for the uninstaller software.

Step 3. After the pop-up window appears, validate and launch the uninstallation.

Step 4. Keep on until you are finished with the uninstallation. Click the close tab, then. Voila! Voila! Adobe CC has vanished!

You should attempt to disable Adobe CC using third-party applications as an alternative to using the uninstaller.

Removing Adobe CC using software from third parties

Third-party applications are a perfect way to delete the software and leftovers from Adobe CC in one fell swoop. Download one of the instruments and obey the directions. Everything that is!

Step 1. Download your preferred tool, install it, and sign up.

Step 2. You’ll see the list of recent applications on your computer in the Menu.

Step 3. Find the applications for Adobe CC and mark those that you want to delete.

Step 4. Click the tab for Uninstall.

Step 5. Confirm it and wait for it to be finished.

Bonus: Removing the Business Version of Adobe CC

This incentive segment is for you if you want to scrub out a business version of Adobe CC.

Make sure your files and directories are backed up and synced as your first move. It is important since, during the uninstallation, they can be extracted. Follow these steps until you are confident that your files are secure:

Step 1. Before beginning the removal process, uninstall all Adobe CC applications.

Step 2. Build an executable file position for the uninstaller. It is commonly referred to as the Innovative Cloud Uninstaller. Build a folder with System Center Configuration Manager on the machine and position it there.

Step 3. Creating a new kit. As a basic source, the folder you built in phase one will help. Next, create a program and use the command ‘creative cloud uninstaller.exe -u’ to delete the Adobe CC web software.

Step 4. On any computer where you want to uninstall Adobe CC, start the software. That’s it!

Hopefully, this article has helped you find the best way to uninstall applications from Adobe CC.

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