PureVPN provides servers in 69 countries and city-level options have recently been reduced. In addition, virtual servers that look like they belong in your selected nation provide increased anonymity.

Apps from this provider feature an intuitive layout that offers users an overview of locations, basic settings, and ping information. Furthermore, their money-back guarantees are among the longest available in their industry.


PureVPN provides all the features expected from a quality VPN service: reliable 256-bit encryption, automatic kill switch, DNS leak protection and IPv6 leak prevention are just a few features to mention. In addition, support is offered for devices and operating systems including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android as well as Amazon Fire TV and Kodi apps and browser extensions available for Firefox and Chrome browsers.

PureVPN’s user interface may seem basic at first, but that may actually appeal to some users. Starting off with server locations and a connect button, the app offers multiple protocols – from OpenVPN and IKEv2 to more secure WireGuard – giving you plenty of choices for connecting. In addition, search feature and Ping Times for every location provide invaluable guidance in selecting servers; in addition to this there are shortcuts, Favorites and Recents lists and settings menu that offer more features; on Android there’s also autoconnect to certain networks while offering split tunneling features – perfect if your primary network connection drops out altogether!

Once you’ve selected a mode, the app will present you with a list of recommended servers for that task. You can even filter this list according to protocol and category – for instance P2P tab displays server locations best suited for file sharing while security mode offers maximum encryption levels as well as malware and virus protection; you can even set up a VPN Hotspot so all your devices are secured simultaneously!

One thing I was surprised to notice while reviewing PureVPN was how they had reduced city-level server options, prioritizing quality over quantity. That was smart; physical servers tend to be more stable and faster than virtual ones. Still, the company maintains a good selection of country-based servers and special P2P ones which can be used with BitTorrent clients; their no log policy permits time stamp requests from law enforcement agencies for easy compliance – an added plus in my book!


PureVPN stands out as an affordable VPN provider, even surpassing Surfshark when considering long-term plans. Their five-year deal can save you 84% over its regular price; subscriptions start from just $1.99 monthly with support for up to ten devices simultaneously using it; they even provide optional extras such as dedicated IP addresses for just $0.99 monthly!

PureVPN provides service on multiple platforms, from desktop PCs and smartphones/tablets to smartwatches and other mobile devices like smartphones/tablets. It supports most major operating systems and features a customizable user interface; apps come equipped with features like kill switches and DNS leak protection that help protect privacy; additionally it uses IKEv2 security protocol which helps ensure a safe connection when connecting via public Wi-Fi networks or hotspots.

Under its Privacy Policy, this company does not store data that could personally identify you such as IP addresses, browsing histories or connected devices; however it may maintain connection logs containing non-personally identifiable information about bandwidth consumption and usage.

The company maintains servers located in over 140 global locations. While its number has decreased from 6,500 in previous years, it still boasts an excellent global footprint with multiple speeds to choose from.

Obfuscation is a feature used by VPNs to conceal their traffic and make it look like regular internet traffic, making them less apparent for anyone attempting to download large files. Though not often utilized, this can be invaluable when downloading large files.

PureVPN is an excellent option for streaming and torrenting, offering fast connections that unblock popular platforms while offering additional features not found with other services, like port forwarding and DDoS protection. Furthermore, Altius IT and KPMG conduct regular audits on PureVPN’s privacy policy to provide additional assurance that your privacy is being safeguarded.


PureVPN provides apps and extensions for all major operating systems, browser extensions and router applets – each designed specifically for its platform to blend seamlessly into its interface when browsing, streaming or accessing geo-restricted content.

The apps themselves are very straightforward, featuring an on/off switch and list of available locations at the bottom. Each server is labeled with its location and ping value to make finding fast servers easy. Windows app users will appreciate being able to see these details before connecting; once connected, however, this app displays your upload/download speeds as well as which tunneling protocol is being utilized.

PureVPN provides multiple protocols, including OpenVPN as the industry standard of security. They also have Quantum-Resistant servers with encryption keys generated using verifiable quantum processes for even more privacy and protection, plus a smart kill switch which automatically reconnects you to working servers if the connection fails for any reason.

Split Tunneling allows you to choose which applications and programs are encrypted – perfect if you want banking apps but don’t need them secure 24/7. Available on iOS, Android and Windows.

Domain Fronting can also be an extremely helpful feature, enabling you to bypass geo-blocks and gain access to websites otherwise unavailable in your country. By misdirecting website operators IPs in this manner, Domain Fronting enables users to make the websites believe that you’re coming from another location and bypass geo-blocks altogether.

Purevpn’s website is full of helpful articles and guides for getting started with their service, while their live chat feature provides timely assistance when issues arise. PureVPN is an excellent option for protecting yourself from hackers, browsing anonymously, enjoying online freedom and security, or enjoying online freedom and safety with low prices and vast networks of servers – perfect for both casual and power users alike!


As the world becomes more digital, it is increasingly important to protect ourselves against online threats. PureVPN offers various features to safeguard you such as VPN, a firewall, anti-virus protection, DDoS defense and more for added safety and privacy over online activities. These premium add-ons provide added peace of mind over online activity.

PureVPN uses advanced encryption to keep your data secure, with servers worldwide to give you more options when selecting which server best meets your needs. Plus, their Smart Connect feature enables you to select the fastest server based on location and connection speed – this way ensuring you make the most of your service experience!

After creating a PureVPN account, the app lets you connect to one of their many servers, effectively hiding both your IP address and location from anyone trying to track you online. In addition, this great feature includes an Internet Kill Switch which will shut off internet connectivity if the VPN fails – an invaluable safeguard that prevents you from becoming exposed even if your VPN fails unexpectedly!

PureVPN claims not to keep any user information, yet this has come into question following an incident in 2017. They were forced by law enforcement to hand over logs for criminal cases; upon closer examination these weren’t browsing logs but connection logs that included real user IP addresses, VPN connections and timestamps – a serious breach of trust for any VPN provider, so we recommend reading their terms of service carefully prior to committing yourself.

PureVPN was found not in violation of their no-logs policy by two independent audits conducted by Altius IT in 2019 and KPMG in 2021. They also feature no disconnection policies as well as 30-day money back guarantees for added peace of mind.

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