In today’s world, cyber security has become a critical topic of discussion, especially given the constant development of technology. People regularly face many new threats that can harm their equipment. The MacBook is a very safe device, but you need to be careful even with it. Fortunately, there are now many ways that can help protect your device.

Regular operating system updates

A vital step to protect your MacBook from cyber threats is to keep your device up to date. The current version allows you to fix vulnerabilities that attackers can use to hack. It also allows you to speed up your computer and eliminate many system errors, but not all. If you are faced with why is my macbook screen black, you can use the tips to solve this problem. Updates are also aimed not only at improving protection but also at improving performance. If you are always certain that you have the current version of the operating system, then the chances of being subjected to cyber attacks will be much less.


Many antivirus programs can help protect your MacBook from viruses and other types of malware. They do not guarantee complete protection, but they can reduce the likelihood of cyber threats several times. You should choose an antivirus software from a trusted source and install it. Further, you need to update it regularly to provide the maximum possible protection that the application of your choice can deliver.

Passwords and Touch ID

The password allows you to protect your computer from unauthorized access and from the fact that someone would bring malicious files to it. For it to be as reliable as possible, it is recommended to use letters, numbers, and symbols. The password does not cause discomfort for the user because the MacBook supports Touch ID technology. This technology allows you to unlock the system with a fingerprint, so there is no need to enter a password regularly, which is very convenient.

Do not open suspicious attachments

Many scammers use email attachments or links. If you do not know the person and he sends you an unknown file or link, it is better to refrain from opening them. It will allow you to protect your computer from malware. Furthermore, you should not follow unknown links on the network and always visit only proven resources.

Use a VPN and be careful on public Wi-Fi networks

A VPN is a private network that encrypts your internet traffic and hides your IP address. It avoids unwanted surveillance of you over the Internet. It is essential to use a VPN when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. Attackers often use them for cyberattacks. To protect yourself if you are connected to a public network, it is recommended not to make financial transactions or transfer confidential information. It is also worth choosing a Wi-Fi network that is password protected to reduce the risk.

Use Time Machine

Time Machine is one of the programs that can help users save their data. This application automatically creates copies of all files on your MacBook. Cyberattacks are frequently aimed at corrupting a user’s files. In case of loss of all data, thanks to this application, you can always restore all your files.


Protecting your MacBook and personal files is essential in today’s world. You should always pay attention to security and protect your device as well as possible. It is worth remembering that the primary key to safeguarding your MacBook is your vigilance and caution. If you follow all the tips above, you can secure your device from cyber threats as much as possible.

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