But you’re one of the millions of people who have updated to Windows 10, right? No doubt Windows 10 is amazing and you can agree with me on this, but Glitches and Errors still come with Windows 10. Today we are covering how to correct File System Error in Windows 10 (-1073741819).

More and more Consumers are facing this Error if they attempt to Run or Update Programs/Softwares. These kinds of errors in windows are not new. This error occurs much of the time when the user tries to run a programme as an administrator or attempts to do something that needs admin privileges.

Reasons For File System Error (-1073741819) (-1073741819)

When running programmes, Error 1073741819 comes up, but in this situation, the solution appears to be an odd one. In reality, the issue is that your machine uses audio drivers or sound schemes. Sounds crazy, right?

Now that you know the actual culprit for the problem, let’s see how in only a few easy steps you can repair File System Error-1073741819.

Error Correcting File System -107374181919

The main culprit is the sound scheme, as said, so we’ll be adjusting a few items in sound settings to fix the problem. Let’s go.
Phase 1: Click the “Sound” button on Start and Scan, and then click the Result button that displays the Sound Control Panel.

Phase 2: First, the Sound window will open up, the Sound tab will be pressed, and the Sound Scheme will be changed to Windows Normal. Much like the picture below, press OK.

File System Error -1073741819

Phase 3: Now check whether or not you are still having Error 1073741819. It can be solved most of the time.

Alternate Method to fix Error (-1073741819)

  • You can also Right Click on Desktop, Click on Personalize.
  • Next on Personalization Settings, Click On Themes.
  • Then Click on Theme Settings.
  • Choose Windows 10 Theme.

Avoiding File System Error (-1073741819) in Future.

The next thing you want to remember, after the error is patched, is how to prevent this error in the future. We would also recommend that you download and update Complete Device Treatment on your PC or laptop and use it on a daily basis. Once a week, taking Complete Machine Treatment will guarantee that you don’t face such mistakes in the future.
As we did in the original process, this will do the same thing. In Windows 10, it will update the sound scheme to Windows Default, finally fixing File System Error -1073741819.

So let us know whether this solved your problem or not in comments below. Also, take sure to share some other way you have managed to solve this dilemma.

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