Android users often receive pop-up messages on their phone and on Facebook that Facebook Orca stopped with Pname Com, which obviously confuses them. If the pop-ups occur again and again, the users don’t know what to do. We address this rather common issue, known as the Pname Com Facebook Orca mistake, in great detail today. We would also offer some very simple tips to repair Facebook Orca error on Pname Com.

Well, let’s start by talking about what Pname Com is on Orca Facebook. In fact, it is the name of a Facebook smartphone messenger app. The Orca directory on an Android phone is used to store all cache, apps, audio recordings, images and files on the smartphone.

First, let’s think about the frequently found directory of Facebook Orca Katana. This directory, which is a folder like Orca, is for the Facebook app and automatically generated when the Facebook app is installed. Actually, there’s nothing to worry about the folder. Like the Orca directory, this folder also serves some purpose, which is of little significance here.

Now, let’s go back to our topic, the Orca Facebook folder and go a little deeper. At the beginning, we will tell you that Pname Com Facebook Orca, although it seems to some users as a concern, isn’t a malware or anything that would hurt you. Although the repeated appearance of the Pop-up message could irritate you, as we have already said, Pname Com Facebook Orca is just an automatically generated folder which also serves a certain purpose.

Pname Com Facebook Orca helps users to restore messages or exchanges they’ve hidden from their Facebook messenger app. This is possible because the Orca folder of Pname Com stores all Facebook messenger files. Okay, that is why the Orca directory always takes up so much space on the computer.

Orca’s Facebook Pname Com ended!

What does it mean?

It is very annoying when a client receives a pop-up notification that Pname Com Facebook Orca has stopped. While most people ignore pop-ups, there are people who tend to uninstall Pname Com Facebook Orca. Both of these are not the right solution. Ignoring is not going to solve the problem. Deleting it too would not help as it will respawn immediately and the pop-ups will start to return. This is a permanent solution that is needed.

How to fix Facebook Orca Pname Com error on a permanent basis?

Follow these steps to permanently address the Pname Com orca error

  • On your Android device by going to’ Settings.’
  • First, go to the “Download” screen, look up and click on “All apps.”
  • Select “Running Facebook.”
  • Clear all details.
  • Reboot Facebook software.

Following these steps, Facebook Orca error could be permanently fixed by Pname Com. You won’t receive the error message any longer after you reset your app.

However, if the problem persists, you will need to uninstall the Facebook app on your phone, restart the device, and reset the Google Play Store Facebook app. I hope that this will solve the problem.

Retrieve deleted Orca directory files

If you want to see messages from the Facebook Messenger you have deleted, you can restore them by using the “com.facebook.orca” file. What you need to do to get these deleted conversations:

  • Go to your device’s File Explorer or File Manager. If you cannot find it on your computer, visit the Google Play store and install it.
  • Go to SD / Storage card and open File Explorer. Open the Android directory and look for it.
  • Open the directory for Android.
  • Open the file directory in the Android folder.
  • Tap on the directory “com.facebook.orca” that is part of Facebook Messenger.
  • Go to the directory “Search.”
  • Look for the folder “fb temp” in the cache folder.
  • In the Facebook Messenger backup copies, you can retrieve information about group and individual conversations in the “fb temp” folder.

Another way to retrieve messages is to connect your mobile to a device with a USB cable and find the “COM.Facebook.orca” directory. You can get your deleted messages back from there to “Archive,” then to “fb temp.”

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