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Kara Robison was only 15-years-old when she was abducted by an unknown individual from her friend’s front yard and taken back to their apartment, where they drugged and sexually abused her for 18 hours before sending her back out watering plants in front of his house.

She provided police with as much information as she could remember, leading them to capture serial killer Richard Evonitz.

Escaping Captivity: The Kara Robinson Story

True story of an audacious teenager’s thrilling escape from a serial killer and subsequent fight for justice.

Kara Robinson was abducted at 15 from her friend’s front yard by an individual with a gun held to her neck, who brought her into his filthy apartment to be tortured and sexually abused for 18 hours before eventually helping police track her kidnapper down. Her story will be featured in Lifetime’s new series Escaping Captivity: The Kara Robinson Story which premieres Saturday, Feb 11 at 8 pm/7c.

Katie Douglas (Ginny & Georgia) plays Kara Robinson in this made-for-cable movie, alongside Cara Buono from Stranger Things as Kati and Kristian Bruun (Orphan Black). Executive produced by Elizabeth Smart who narrated and executive produced I Am Elizabeth Smart as well as hosting Smart Justice: The Jayme Closs Case and Elizabeth Smart: Finding Justice; interviews also include Kara’s parents, high school boyfriend, law enforcement agencies aided in their hunt by the information Kara provided after her escape.

Kara was restrained by both handcuffs and a gag, yet she managed to free one hand from both and undo a leather leg restraint with her teeth before using another key she found to open Evonitz’s bedside foot-locker. Once free of Evonitz’s bed she ran outside where two men picked her up before transporting her back to the police station where she recounted her ordeal.

Once Kara provided Evonitz’s address to authorities, she led them directly to his home where they discovered a locked foot-locker containing newspaper clippings detailing three unsolved murders of three girls: Sofia Silva and Kati and Kristin Lisk from Spotsylvania County in Virginia five years prior to Kara’s abduction.

This riveting, inspiring, and gripping tale of survival, resilience, and justice is sure to move viewers. Don’t miss this must-see experience for everyone!


The Girl Who Escaped: The Kara Robinson Story is an exciting true-crime drama based on an amazing true-story about an abduction survivor, played by Katie Douglas as Kara Robinson. Though tortured, Kara managed to stay composed and devise a plan to escape her captor by remembering important details such as his number of turns while driving, brand of cigarettes used, radio station preference in his car etc. That eventually lead police to identify Richard Evonitz as her abductor; which led them to other abductions, rapes, murders etc.

Katie Douglas has made numerous film appearances including Ginny and Georgia, Thicker than Water and Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey. In The Girl Who Escaped she gives a remarkable performance as her character handles complex emotions with ease. Kristian Bruun serves as a strong supporting actor as Evonitz; this actor previously made appearances in Murdoch Mysteries, Orphan Black and The Recruit.

Viola Davis, who won an Academy Award for her portrayal of Edna Louise Johnson in 12 Years a Slave, shines in her role as Kara’s supportive psychologist. Her ability to convey deep empathy and resilience make her an empathetic yet unyielding pillar for Kara. John Boyega (best known for playing Finn in Star Wars franchise) brings his natural charisma as Jason Thompson – Kara’s childhood friend who helps her regain her freedom.

After her ordeal, Kara Robinson married Joe Chamberlain and has become an outspoken motivational speaker and advocate for victims of sexual assault. She hosts a podcast dedicated to survivors, encouraging women to overcome adversity. Kara remains content as wife and mother while continuing her higher education studies; additionally she speaks out at schools about her harrowing experience encouraging students to follow their dreams.


Kara Robinson was abducted while watering plants at her friend’s front yard. Richard Evonitz approached Kara casually and casually asked if her parents were home – upon her replying yes he placed a gun to her head, forced her into his car, took her back to his apartment where they kept her captive and assaulted her for 18 hours before she managed to escape and lead authorities back.

This movie is inspired by Kara’s true story and how she survived her ordeal while helping authorities track down her kidnapper. Ginny and Georgia actress Katie Douglas stars as Kara while Kristian Bruun of “Orphan Black” portrays Kris. Additionally, this film boasts numerous talented actors who have previously appeared on popular shows or films such as “Star Trek” (Kristan Bruun).

Even while handcuffed to her bed, Kara manages to escape during the night from her captor’s bedroom and break free of her restraints. She flags down two individuals in a parking lot who take her directly to a police station where her accounts of events helped officers track down Evonitz’s apartment where newspaper clippings linking him with three unsolved murders are discovered there.

After her ordeal, Kara attended and graduated from South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy to become a law enforcement officer. Eight years later, Lifetime honored Kara with their movie entitled, “The Girl Who Escaped”.

This film tells a powerful, inspiring tale about how a courageous girl managed to break free from her captor, making for an uplifted viewing experience for anyone seeking inspiration or hope. Additionally, this movie serves as an educational tool that can teach children and teens about staying safe at all times; families should discuss its plot together so they may gain maximum benefit from its lessons.


Lifetime’s new drama Escaping Captivity: The Kara Robinson Story tells her true tale and stars Katie Douglas as Robinson while Orphan Black star Kristian Bruun plays Richard Evonitz (Katie Douglas is playing her). It premieres February 11 on Lifetime.

This movie provides an eye-opening depiction of one woman’s extraordinary will to live, as well as providing families an excellent opportunity to discuss the importance of staying safe even when it is uncomfortable or challenging to talk about it. Remember that many do not understand what it feels like to be taken against your will or the trauma associated with such experiences.

This film is not documentary-style; therefore there will be violence that doesn’t glorify crime. Instead, the focus remains on showing Robinson’s ability to remain calm under pressure while devising plans to escape captors.

After seeing the film, Robinson was able to forgive her captor and move forward with her life. She studied criminal justice at college before becoming a sheriff’s deputy in South Carolina. Later she published books and advocated for trauma survivors as an author as well as appearing in several documentaries and TV shows.

Escaping Captivity: The Kara Robinson Story is an engrossing drama that will leave you believing in the power of human spirit and offering an excellent chance to discuss how we should treat each other with kindness and consideration. Don’t miss this true-life account that should not be missed!

The Girl Who Escaped: The Kara Robinson Story is a 2023 Crime and Drama film written and directed by Simone Stock. With its TV-14 rating and graphic violence/language that may be considered too intense for younger viewers, parents may wish to keep their younger children away. Elizabeth Smart’s name will likely ring familiar as she produced last year’s I Am Elizabeth Smart as well as hosting two Lifetime documentaries about victims of child abuse.

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