Alright, so we discussed how to fix error recovery details from Rpc s-7 aec-0 server on Android devices a few days ago. A similar error occurred on my cousins’ smartphone today when I was attempting to download an app from the Google Play Store. The error was Error Downloading Server Details rpc s-7 aec-7.

I’ve seen people on Bluestacks even get this same mistake, which is a common Android emulator. If you want to buy another app in the play store, then you will still be met with the same mistake. These two mistakes look very close. But if you look closer, you’ll find that this time there’s a change in number. In the end, it’s rpc s-7 aec-7 instead of aec-0.

I attempted multiple times to download the same software and the same error was shown. I then chose to follow the same steps/methods that we mentioned in the previous essay. And, to my delight, with the same method, I was able to actually get rid of this new mistake.

Steps to Solve Error rpc s-7 aec-7

I’m just going to rehash the same actions I took to correct this mistake. Hopefully, you’ll still be able to get rid of it. Simply obey the measures one by one below.

Step 1: Deleting an account from Google.

To use Google Play Store, you know it is important to add your Google account. What we’re going to do is first attempt to delete the account to see if the issue is solved. Go to Settings > Accounts > Google pick > Account removal/Account deletion. This will uninstall your account from the Play Shop. Don’t fear that you will set it up again later with the same credentials. But now, skip straight to Step 2.

Step 2: Clearing Data & Caches.

Now let us clear the cache and data of Google Play Store and other Google related applications once you have deleted your Google account in step 1. Only go to Configuration > Program Manager > All Tabs > Google Play Store > Data and Cache Clearer. This will clear the Google Play Store app’s cache.
Do the same steps above to clear the cache from Google Service System, Download Manager and Google Play Services as well. Reboot your phone after completing this phase.

Step 3:Once again, add a Gmail address.

Okay, so you’ve now deleted your gmail account and cleared the caches of the apps listed above. Now, after your phone has been restarted, add your gmail account again, which you erased in Stage 1. Navigate to Preferences > Accounts > Google > add Account > Enter your Credentials to add the account again. Now, see that you’re really making a mistake. In most cases, the mistake can now be gone for good.

Update: I’m reading the reviews from people in the comments below, and I can see that lots of you have struggled with the above measures to correct this mistake. Although the measures above have succeeded with certain individuals.

Without having rpc s-7 aec-7 server error, I will show you another way to download your favourite software. The trick here is to download the apk file on your PC for your appropriate app.

  1. First of all, make sure that you have checked the Unknown Sources box in Settings > Safe. Doing this would encourage you to instal applications other than play store from sources.
  2. Be very cautious when installing apk files, use only the authority to download and trustworthy websites to be noted here.
  3. Go to Google and check for “yourappname.apk” in Google to find the apk file for your app. For eg, if I’m searching for a Facebook app, I’ll look for a Facebook.apk file on your PC.
  4. Move the file from your machine to your mobile device using a USB cable. So use that to navigate to the apk file that you just transferred from your PC. You may have a file explorer.
  5. Click the file and you’ll see the instal button, press it, and you’ll be able to instal the software without any mistakes.

If you have any issues, let me know in the Comment box and if these measures enable you to address the issue of Error Downloading Details from Server rpc s-7 aec-7 on your Android computer.

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