What is digital Certificate?

A digital certificate is used to encrypt communication of internet data / information between a browser and a website. Once the certificate authority has verified that a business owns a website, its certificate is signed and trusted by web browsers.

A digital certificate is an electronic “password,” which enables an organization to safely exchange information via the Internet using a public-key infrastructure (PKI). Also recognized as a public-core certificate or identity certificate is digital certificate.

This guide is a short introduction to digital certificates and PKI techniques. Technology Overview of digital certificates

Digital Certificates are a way for customers and companies to make use of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) safety apps. PKI includes the technology for the secure communication of e-commerce and Internet.

Why is Internet security necessary?

There is an ever-increasing number of individuals and companies online. When the access takes place quicker and cheaper, these individuals will spend even more time in private interaction and company transactions linked to the Internet.

The Internet is an open communication network, which was not designed for security purposes. Criminals have discovered that they are able to exploit their fraudulent profit vulnerabilities. In order for the Internet to succeed as a company, users must be able to interact safely.

What provides safety?

Identifying / Authenticating: the people / entities we communicate with are who they really say they are.

Privacy: The data is held confidential in your email or transaction. Only the intended sender and recipient can read and understand it.

Integrity: data is not inadvertently or intentionally manipulated on the way within the message or transaction without the involvement of all parties being conscious of the manipulation.

Non-repudiation: The sender can not refuse to send the transaction or message, and it can not be denied to the recipient.

Access Control: Only the designated individual or entity has access to protected data.

Through public key infrastructure (especially digital certificates), all of the above safety characteristics can be accomplished and enforced.

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