It’s true— iDope is a high-quality digital torrent search engine that rivals others like Toorgle and Torrentz and has caught the attention of users.

What is iDope?

As an alternative to Kickass, the world’s largest and most popular platform for distribution of BitTorrent which closed back in 2016, iDope was first launched. Developers of iDope Search claim that this new website is as popular as Kickass, although the search engine business is relatively new.

How’s iDope Working?

Simply put, the iDope search engine provides direct magnet links to the contents–so that you can immediately find the appropriate magnet link to download a user looking for something particular. The best part of iDope, according to developers, is its ability to search without following the user anonymously. In other words, no pop-up ads when looking for torrents.

How Safe is the Search for an iDope?

While iDope claims not to track users through an anonymous search engine, the possibility of accessing some form of torrent site still exists. Users can contact dubious links to malicious websites and/or malware, which often open the door to hackers— or other third parties — to monitor your movement online.

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