Different routers from various producers are used by users. Each router comes with multiple features and firmware in stock. Often the router provides you with minimal functionality and an alternative open-source firmware is required to provide the best protection features and customizable choices. Different functionalities and security features are given in an open source. It improves a router’s speed and efficiency. Here is the list of the best firmware for Router | Open Source.

Reasons to Use Open Source Router Firmware

Here is a list of the Alternative Open Source firmware features that you can appreciate.

  • Advanced Features
  • VPN Integration
  • Enhanced Network Stability
  • Removes Bugs from Stock Firmware
  • Avoids Government backdoors and restrictions
  • Improved Functionality
  • Advanced Modes for Wireless
  • Supporting IPV6
  • Advanced Port forwarding
  • Supporting Telnet/SSH
  • Integration of the WiFi Hotspot
  • And more of a lot.

OpenWrt Project

The OpenWrt Project is an alternative open source firmware focused on Linux for 2021 routers and embedded devices. And it’s one of the best Open Source firmware that gives you, along with package control, a fully writable file system. It supports complete customization and requires the device to be personalized for any use.


  • It is incredibly customizable.
  • For improved flexibility, the number of addons is available
  • With Wireguard, it comes
  • Secure and Strong
  • Over 3000 packages that can be mounted
  • Elevated compatibility


DD-WRT is the second entry on the Open Source list of Best Router Firmware of 2021. It is also a firmware (open source) based on Linux, and is better suited for numerous embedded systems and WLAN routers. With speed, stability and the most effortless handling, it offers several functionalities.


  • Comprehensive features
  • Elevated compatibility (compatible with more than 200 devices)
  • Enhanced frequencies, outdoor implementation, and all existing standards for WLAN are endorsed.
  • Multilingual UI
  • Manage Bandwidth
  • Support for different Hotspot systems
  • Integration of VPN


Freetz is also on the list of the best firmware for open source routers. It is a firmware update for Fritz, based on Linux! Pack, among other gadgets that are compatible. A number of functions, addons, and numerous packages are sold by Freetz.


  • Incorporated VPN
  • Comprehensive Functionality
  • Various Packages


Gargoyle is an open-source firmware based on Linux. It is also one of the finest open-source firmware routers with impressive functionality. For Atheros and Broadcom routers, it is best to find both the Graphical user interface and the command line.


  • Adblocker ads
  • Integration of VPN
  • Regulation of bandwidth
  • On/off Wifi Routine
  • Blocking of pages


HyperWRT, a GPL firmware for Linksys wireless routers, is now the sixth name on the list. It also offers its users a lot of functions. This improves speed, energy and expands the possibilities.


So, those were 2021’s best router firmware, and they’re all Open Source. All of the above-mentioned alternative firmware have different and unusual characteristics. In accordance with your requirements, you can choose any of them. I hope you will be helped by this article. Additionally, you can ask us in the comment section if you have any queries related to this article. Finally, thanks for the visit.


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