Device Manager

Device Manager is an applet that runs in Control Panel on your OS. It allows you to see and control all equipment connected to your Framework and System. Device Manager allows you to view and control any equipment that is malfunctioning. It also lets you enable/disable devices, supply device drivers, and view other technical properties.

Android Device Manager: What are you capable of doing?

With Android Device Manager, you can remotely control your Android phone and perform the following tasks:

Locating the Android Device

First, you need to install the Android Device Manager on your device. Then connect it to the appropriate Google account. After this, you can easily track your device using any of the available systems. Even if the device is being moved around, its owner can view and locate it on the map. Android Device Manager allows you to add multiple devices and view them in a drop-down menu view.

Lock, Ring, or Wipe – You Choose Your Actions Wisely

The device owner has two options when the device is lost or stolen. A user can also set or modify a pin or password. The locked screen displays a message to assist the owner of the device. Ringing the phone will cause it to ring at maximum volume, even if the ringer has been turned off or down. For the next five minutes, the phone will ring at maximum volume. The Android Device Manager website is accessible by any device owner from any computer. Or, the Android Device Manager can be used by friends to sign in as guests from their Android devices.

If there are clear indications that the device cannot be recovered, the user can wipe it with the Android Device Manager. The wipe command will return the phone to its factory settings after it is completed. The Android Device Manager will no longer allow the device owner to connect to the instrument. Even if the power is turned off, this option still works!

You can’t recover a device you don’t have the chance to wipe it.

Android Device Manager can be used to remotely wipe clean your Android device if you are certain that you cannot recover it. It works the same way as using the Lock or Ring option. Simply connect to your device, and then use the wipe option. This will restore your phone/device to the settings it had when it was new. This will ensure that no one can take your device or any data stored on it. This option can be used even if the power is turned off.

Track and control a friend’s lost/stolen device

You can log in as a guest on Android Device Manager. This allows you to notify a friend that your device has been lost or stolen and allow him to lock, ring, or wipe it.

How to use Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is a security feature that aids in the recovery of a lost or stolen device. If the owner is certain that the device cannot be recovered, they might remotely lock or wipe all content. To enjoy this security feature, you must connect your device to your Google account.

Install Android Device Manager

It is very easy to install Android Device Manager. Android Device Manager can be found on Google Play. After that, you can download it and install it just like any other app. You will need to enable the app to be a Device Administrator in your settings to have the ability to lock and wipe the device.

Sign in to Android Device Manager

You will need a Google account to download Android Device Manager. Sign in to Device Manager with that account. You can use any Google account that you have on your smartphone to do this. These accounts will be displayed in a drop-down menu when you open the app. Sign in using your Google account password and clicking the blue sign-in button.

How can I use Android Device Manager?

Android Device Manager is very easy to use. After downloading and installing the app, there are some basic steps you need to take:

  • Connect your Android Device Manager with your Google account.
  • Make sure that the location feature is on.
  • Enable remote data wipe.
  • To locate and control your device, log in with your Google account.
  • After logging in, a dashboard will appear that will display your device’s location and other options.
  • The map automatically generated by Google allows you to find the exact location of your device.
  • Information about the battery, the status of the device online, and the last time it was located will also be available.
  • By pressing the Play Sound button, you can set your phone to continue ringing for up to 5 minutes at maximum volume.
  • The Lock option can be used to remotely lock your Android device so that no one has access to your data.
  • To erase all of your settings, including photos and music, you can use the Erase button. The erase and reset will occur even if the device is offline.
  • Be aware that your device will be permanently deleted after it has been cleaned.

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