Ransomware attacks peaked from 2018 to 2021 at 68.5 percent. The reason for the volatile increase in ransomware attacks is the evolving strategies implemented by cybercriminals. Now the new Ransomware-As-A-Service has emerged that is identical to software-as-a-service and disguises itself as a basic service. 

RaaS can happen to every company at any time, and they are making major headlines lately. So, here’s all you need to know about Ransomware-As-A-Service in 2022, how to detect it, examples, countermeasures, and much more.

Understanding RaaS and How Does it Work?

Understanding RaaS and How Does it Work

Skilled developers create RaaS, and criminals execute it effortlessly to initiate the process. Its type of software available online has malware to breach systems. This softwares is usually found on the dark web.

Now, cybercriminals use this software to target systems. It appears as a standard and trustworthy link to a service that turns out to be malware. As soon as you click on it, the virus limits or blocks access to your computer system. Then, to access your valuable data, it automatically asks for payment or ransom.

The users naturally go into shock and become victims of Ransomware-As-A-Service. Data loss can be crucial for companies, and you can use a data recovery service in the US to immediately get your data back. 

What Makes RaaS so Dangerous?

The details of the ransomware economy are a clear indication of how vast this network has spread. RaaS has evolved and customized itself to the level to which it is extremely dangerous. Here are some ways how cybercriminals use RaaS to create the best traps for users:

  • There are monthly subscriptions to these softwares just like any other softwares.
  • Criminals can also take a one-year subscription
  • Developers and criminals share profits after a successful breach
  • The software is highly customizable, and attackers make it highly friendly and interactive for trapping innocent people.

Also, these software developers target teens and needy people to join them in creating and executing ransomware. Unknowingly, they fall into the trap of the dark web. So, awareness about such cybercrime is crucial for everyone on the internet.

Popular Examples of Ransomware-as-a-Service

Now and then, new types of RaaS are launched on the dark web. They are better than before and have many new features. Some of the examples of these models are:


REvil is a very advanced and popular type of RaaS developer. They hire developers who have the skills to create high-level malicious software. They not only ask for ransom when users click on the link but also threaten to leak information. For now, they have demanded the highest ever ransom of $50 million in ransom from electronics maker Acer in March 2021. The facts say that they earn around a hundred million per year. They create extreme tension among victims and target the company with the most valuable data.


Egregor has attacked several famous companies like Ouest France, Ubisoft, and Gefco fell prey to Egregor in 2021. It was launched in September 2020, and they have a policy of giving 70 – 80% to the attacker while the rest goes to the developers. It is believed that Egregor is the replacement of Maze RaaS, which was shut down.


Dharma has been in the RaaS world since 2017. It’s considered that it makes around $9,000 because it allows all the basic developers. Its typical card is replacing files with a dharma extension.

Tips to Protect Yourself From RaaS?

Tips to Protect Yourself From RaaS

The answer to how to Prevent Ransomware is by taking little precautions. Of course, you can’t block its counter, but you can quickly confirm where the links are coming from. Generally, you encounter RaaS on email or websites, so some little precautions can save you, which are:

Back up Your Data Regularly

This is not a way to prevent the hack but a counter step to safeguard your data. The attacker will ask for an amount to get your data back. But, you can access it if you have a copy of the latest data stored elsewhere.

Discussions and Training

You can prevent the attacks if you train your employees about what links to open in email attachments, downloads, and web browsing. The practice of safe browsing, not clicking on anything you see, and studying the URL practice can minimize these attacks significantly.

Constantly Update Your Software

To limit these breaches, you must regularly update your security, antivirus, and anti-malware software. The reputed, licensed, and latest software knows all the trends and warns you beforehand about any suspicious links.

Apart from this, you must limit system and administrative access and restrict access control of the folders. These little lines of defense can save you from breaches. 

Wrapping Up

Unfortunately, ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) is one of the most spreading cybercrime. These attacks constantly evolve to act as better imposters and target people’s systems. But, with correct precautions and smart steps after you encounter one can save your data. So, go through all the factors and tips discussed above and stay safe from these attacks.

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