Runtime error r6034 is one of the Genric errors encountered by Windows7 and Windows Vista users. Apart from this r6034 code mistake, there are typically several other runtime errors in the system. This runtime errors arise because the usual execution flow of the running programme is stopped by either the software or the system’s hardware.

This sort of error pop-up warning specifies that “an application has attempted to incorrectly load the c runtime library, please contact the support team of the application for more information” and leaves users with no idea what’s going on with their device.

The runtime error r6034 happens most of the time while you attempt to upgrade the iTunes application or while you are using the Microsoft Visual Studio Application to create a new project or when you are attempting to change an existing project.

How to Fix Runtime error r6034 :

If you get this error when attempting to upgrade your iTunes application or some other apple-related device, it happens because of the incompatibility with your pre-installed version of the newer version software folder.

In this scenario, you simply need to fully uninstall all current apple apps in a series as provided below, and then download and instal new apps from the official website of Apple.

In the following order, delete all of these items:

  • iTunes
  • Apple Software Update
  • Apple Mobile Device Support
  • Bonjour
  • Apple Application Support

Reboot your device until you’re finished with the uninstallation component and then download iTunes from the official website of Apple, update and enjoy the new version.

If iTunes is not a problem maker for you, in some cases, it may be due to some registry concern, malware intrusion, obsolete drivers, or some other problems like this. You will need to reset the system to some earlier stage or use some method to delete this error to fix these miscellaneous problems.

Method 1 :

We can correct Runtime error r6034 in this process by restoring your machine to an earlier backup stage. Windows offers this function by default.

Click Start > go through All Programs > click Accessories > select Machine Resources > and then select System Restore from the available submenu. You will have to pick Restore my machine to an earlier time option under this option, and then press Next. Select Next in the validation window and the machine can eventually restart when the restore process is complete.

Method 2 :

We will use a function in this process to correct Runtime error r6034.
Install and instal the Error Correction Tool: DOWNLOAD ERROR REPAIR from here:
This instrument is well known and has performed effectively with many individuals ( as based on feedbacks by users ).

We hope that one of the above approaches will certainly operate in Windows to correct Runtime error r6034.

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