Security threats are all around, especially if you’re using certain browsers and third-party programs like Adobe Flash or Java. The makers of these applications will provide patches to help you combat the problem. They should be available and downloaded/applied quickly. Most people believe¬†patch management¬†to be simple, especially when it comes to server updates. WSUS was developed by Microsoft and is used for managing hotfixes as well as updates.

ITarian understands that patching should be as simple as possible. However, you may not know that Windows Server Update Services may require more assistance. Our product makes managing those patches easier and more understandable.

ITarianWSUS Patch Management – Benefits

Administrators need to be able to diagnose and fix configuration issues with Windows Update Agent. Our product allows you to:

  • Configure WUA using your local policies/processes
  • Many options available to repair WUA
  • If necessary, force a reinstallation of the WUA
  • Force refresh policies
  • Verify that all patches have been successfully installed

Software from Third Parties

Many software options are used, including Adobe, Google Chrome, and Notepad++. Other options include:

  • RealPlayer
  • QuickTime for Windows
  • WinZip
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Skype

These apps may be vital for your business, especially if many subcontractors work remotely. These apps should not be hacked, or threatened. Consider our patch management products.

WSUS Patch Management Made Simple

Your server and our product automatically receive the Microsoft update packages. You will receive timely notifications about the latest updates and important information. Your existing WSUS server will be able leveraged and extended, which allows you to publish packages from third parties, Microsoft, and custom ones.

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