In the last 12 months, small business owners have had more than enough to think about. The list of items that have changed overnight is likely to cover every part of their operation, with the possibility that their entire workforce is now operating remotely at the top of the list.

Although having a company through the previous 12 months may be considered an accomplishment in and of itself, the small business owner may face additional obstacles if that survival is to continue. Two issues stand out as urgently requiring attention, both of which necessitate an upgrade to IT services.

The first is the increased need for an effective cybersecurity strategy to combat the rise in cybercrime since the pandemic began, and the second is the increased need for an effective cybersecurity strategy to combat the rise in cybercrime since the pandemic began.

Improve Web Design

Before the current crisis, potential buyers were still looking for a new product or service online rather than using conventional methods. In the last year, this transition has intensified, and several companies have struggled to keep up, exposing shortfalls in social media marketing and website design.

As a result, revenue has decreased, and feedback of website loading times and UX design for customer monitoring are required. This job is far beyond the capabilities of most small business owners, necessitating the assistance of a web design firm. Many people consider ALT Agency to be one of the best website design companies, but you may be able to find a similar company closer to home.

Create an Effective Cybersecurity Strategy

Many of their employees would be viewing their company online in addition to their clients. This transition would have occurred in a short period of time (and much quicker than anyone expected), so the new setup could be haphazard and vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

This situation has lasted much longer than anyone anticipated, and it is no longer a short-term problem that requires urgent attention, particularly when business owners consider the stakes. In the last year, cyber attacks have become much more common and sophisticated. Like so many small companies failing to recover from data breaches, any money saved by not having a strong cybersecurity plan would seem to be a waste.

End-User Training

End-user training will be a major focus, especially now that the entire workforce has moved from a safe office setting to their homes. They may not have a dedicated work space, be distracted by a variety of factors, and their computers may be available to other family members.

These factors may lead to employees making poorer decisions than they would at work, such as unintentionally clicking on a phishing (or spear-phishing) attachment or connection, or falling victim to phishing (or spear-phishing) attempts.

Final Thoughts

The last year has seen the kind of upheaval that encourages cybercriminals to flourish where they previously may not have been able to. Many company owners are overwhelmed by the evolving ways consumers approach a business, so they might not notice the areas uncovered by their teams working and accessing data remotely. For the company, this could be a costly and potentially fatal mistake.

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