Dependence on Android devices is on the rise worldwide. Millions of users are invariable in country and scale and store hundreds of essential personal and business information on mobile devices. The protection of information from getting into the wrong hands is increasingly concerned. Most of us can not, while on holiday, leave our mobile phones and dream of a scenario where it gets lost or stolen. Not to be paniced, there are many mobile security apps that give you peace of mind from a security threat.

On a broader note, however, every Android user should be aware of the features that they need to have for android phones on the antivirus free and useful online. Otherwise, they might make the wrong choices. In addition to being able to detect and clear spyware, adware programs and more, protection software is. The protection software must be up-to-date in order to quickly recognize computer virus threats. Any up-to-date protection software is unable to protect the device in time. The most popular android-free antivirus is listed here, passes one by one and is benefited:

Best Android Phone Antivirus Free

The most popular android free antivirus is listed here, go one by one and benefit:

  • Comodo Mobile Security
  • Bitdefender
  • Avast Mobile Security
  • AVL Antivirus
  • Lookout
  • WaveSecure
  • Protector
  • McAfee Security
  • Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus
  • Phone Spam Blocker
  • Super Security
  • SmrtGuard Mobile Security
  • Sophos Antivirus
  • Comodo Mobile Security

Comodo is available on the Play Store for free android antivirus and is a trusted name. Comodo AV Software packs a range of features that make Android smartphones top protection. There were by far 1 million Google Play downloads. As a result, we can see that Comodo Mobile Security is the top rated and best received Android antivirus that users enjoy installing.

The Android antivirus is completely free and contains all the functionality the user needs. It feature helps to protect your computer from malware and viruses from Android. This free Android antivirus app provides one of the highest malicious Android threat detection scores. Protect your privacy and optimize your system. If you want the best free Android antivirus software for 2019, Comodo Mobile Security could be the one.

Some of the other features of Comodo Mobile Security are here to give you brief overviews of the level of Android protection:

Secure browsing–be protected any time you go online using your Android phone. With this feature, a malicious website and phishing links can be kept secure.

Theft Identity Security–Secure your data confidentiality. As soon as any sensitive information is affected, this Comodo Mobile Security feature will monitor suspicious activities on the dark web and alert you.

Unlimited VPN–Keep your anonymity online. By using the mobile Android VPN service of Comodo, you can 100% secure and secure your browsing data.

App Lock–Stop prying eyes from using your apps or accessing them. You can use this option to restrict unauthorized access to a privately-held Android app.

Bitdefender–Antivirus free of charge for android phones:

Bitdefender is popular in the cyber security community and it has an exceptionally lightweight free antivirus for android phones. This liberates system resources and saves battery life. No need to schedule or manually run scans to be secure. The app is downloadable and ready to use; no additional configuration is needed. The basic version offers real-time browser and anti-theft protection for Google’s Chrome and register for a free 14-day trial!

Avast Mobile Protection–Antivirus free of charge on android phones:

Avast anti-virus bundles important features for creating an app that operates beyond a generic scanner for android phones. The free version has an antimicrobial program, a call blocker and firewall. This allows the device owner to lock or wipe your Android device remotely, if it is missing.

The software was formerly a premium version but is now available. One disturbing feature is to remove them with a small monthly or annual premium. The’ in-app locking’ function is a premium feature in which a PIN is required before certain applications are opened. This prevents malware from efficiently launching apps.

AVL-Android phone antivirus free of charge:

Antiy AVL is a well-recognized antivirus that protects mobile devices against malware infections and other attacks. It features a powerful scanner with an antivirus database. Certain impressive apps include an anti-phishing and call blocker. For particular, the code is mobile small, so much of the battery doesn’t drain.

Lookout–antivirus free of charge for android phones:

Lookout software is one of Mobile Phone’s best security packages. This provides antivirus, firewall and security software for intrusions. This is a very simple application. If your phone is lost or stolen, you can easily log into the web interface and track the phone location on the map. You can also remotely back up all your phone data.

WaveSecure–antivirus free of charge for android phones:

WaveSecure is a convenient, Lookout-like Mobile security software. If the phone is lost, you can lock your mobile phone and the person who stole it is useless. The Lookout remote tracking system helps track mobile phones on time. Use the web interface to easily retrieve the phone data. One important feature that is not available in Lookout is that you can remotely delete all your files.

Protector–android phone anti-virus free:

The Protector is another important security Android application, but it is quite different from Lookout and WaveSecure. This locks your mobile phone with a key. You can lock your app or any specific functionality of our mobile application with a password protection feature. The phone device is fully protected and even uninstalls pin code. For many users, its security feature is useful.

McAfee Security & Power Booster–antivirus free of charge for android phones:

McAfee is one known name in the US and the world. The McAfee Mobile Security Android App is a popular software. The free apps monitor, lock and wipe a missing computer remotely. The safety app takes a picture of the person when the phone is stolen. The code checks devices to see if sensitive information is leaked and automatically locks it if needed. The Android antivirus blocks potentially malicious websites and maintains a blacklist of annoying calls and texts that inform users.

The free McAfee Security & Power Booster version is available for download. Nevertheless, the paid premium option allows the user to delete advertisements and provide telephone support if appropriate.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus-Free Android Antivirus:

Kaspersky is a popular Android antivirus software such as Bitdefender. The free version of the Android antivirus application comes with impressive packaging features. It is fast and accurate to identify the malware with a 99.9 percent detection rate. The operation of the AV program automatically prevents the user from accessing malicious pages or connections before the user clicks them. The key feature is Android Wear support, which analyzes security management. The premium security app offers additional safety features like anti-phishing, automatic scanning, an important function plus call and text filtering.

Phone Spam Blocker–antivirus free of charge for mobile telephones:

The Phone Spam Blocker United States provides protection against user privacy by receiving spam calls or text messages. This software allows you to search for suspicious spam numbers. The Android Security App helps the user to restore privacy and avoid stolen identity.

Super Security–antivirus free of charge for android phones:

The Super Security application provides a cloud-based antivirus engine with a strongbox that hides confidential user data. The security features cover a wide range of applications, including the anti-malware tool, a missing device find tool and a task manager. It is downloaded freely from the Internet.

SmrtGuard Mobile Security–antivirus free of charge for android phones:

The SmrtGuard Mobile Security is a malware security software. This software has other safety features such as anti spam and anti-spyware to protect your mobile phone. Find Phone via GPS, Remote Lock, Audio Ping, Call Blocker and SimCard Guardian are other features. This free antivirus program also provides a wireless backup.

Sophos Free Antivirus and Safety-antivirus free of charge for android phones:

Sophos had earlier been awarded the AV-Test award for best protection in 2015 for free antivirus app. The Sophos scanner includes no commercials. This effectively blocks potentially malicious material on websites.

When apps are installed, malware or otherwise harmful content is scanned and it is quick to alert if any confidential data is leaked. The scanner can regularly scan files and folders. The malware server is updated every day and is always accessible. One of the app’s unique features is a convenient QR code scanner. This QR code scanner allows you to create stable Wi-Fi links.


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