Secure Shopping

  • Comodo Secure Shopping offers unbeatable security when you shop online. It ensures that you can only connect to the websites you choose from a secure browsing environment.
  • You can also create alerts for certain sites so that you can decide whether to open them in a secure environment.

Secure Shopping allows you to run regular applications as well as websites and browsers. This is particularly useful for sensitive applications such as:

  • Thunderbird and Outlook are two examples of email applications that can be used to send emails.
  • Sage and Tally are accounting software
  • Password managers
  • Spreadsheet software such as Excel and Open Office Calc
  • FTP and VPN clients
  • Chat and instant messaging
  • DropBox is a file-sharing client that allows you to share files.

Secure Shopping

  • On the CIS homepage screen, click ‘Settings.
  • Click on ‘Advanced protection’ > ‘Secure shopping’

Secure Shopping Protection: Add Websites

  • After clicking the “Add” button, enter the URL of the site that you wish to visit securely.
  • To add the site to your list, click ‘OK’. Continue the process to add sites
  • To save your changes, click ‘OK’ on the ‘Advanced Settings” interface

If you visit a site that is on the secure shopping lists, an alert will be displayed.

  • Decide how you want to proceed.
  • Visit with Secure Browser The site opens in a browser that is protected by all SSL technologies , exceptfull-process isolation. Partial process isolation replaces full process isolation. A blue border will be placed around the browser window:
  • Visit in Secure Shopping Environment The website opens within a secure, virtual environment. Your browser is not accessible or vulnerable to being attacked by any other processes on your computer when you are in this environment. You can also use the virtual keyboard to enter confidential information, without worrying about your keystrokes being recorded. See Use Comodo Secure Shopping Enviroment for more details.
  • Keep browsing in the current browser – Restart your browsing with the same browser that opened the website. For more information on Secure Shopping Environment, please refer to the following.

Use Comodo Secure Shopping Environment

When you click ‘Visit Secure Shopping Environment’, the ‘Secure Shopping Environment’ window will automatically open.

The following methods can be used to manually open the “Secure Shopping” environment:

  • Home Screen Click on ‘Tasks > General Tasks > ‘Secure shopping’
  • CIS Desktop widget – Select the ‘Secure Shopping” icon from the CIS Desktop widget
  • Windows Start menu – Click Windows Start/Home > All Programs > Comodo > Comodo Secure Shopping
  • Windows Desktop icon Double-click on the shortcut for ‘Comodo Secure Shopping’ to open the browser


A welcome screen will be displayed when you launch the application. This screen will explain the benefits of secure shopping.

  • To disable the welcome screen, check ‘Do Not Show This Window Again’

Shopping and Banking Activities

  • The environment will automatically open if you visit a pre-configured online shop or bank website. The Secure Shopping configuration is applied to the website.
  • If you open the “Secure Shopping” environment manually, it will open using the browser selected according to the configuration. In the address bar, enter the URL.
  • You can access the tools panel in the bottom right corner of the screen to open the virtual keyboard or switch to your desktop temporarily. Or, exit completely from the secure shopping virtual environment.

For more information on the tools panel, see the explanations below:

  • Use virtual keyboard
  • Switch your desktop
  • Secure Shopping

Open apps within the secure shopping environment

  • Open the Secure Shopping environment by clicking the folder icon at the bottom left.
  • Navigate to the application that you wish to open and click on it

The Secure Shopping environment will allow you to open the application.

You can access the tools panel in the bottom right corner of the screen to open the virtual keyboard or switch back temporarily to your desktop.

The Tools Panel

You can access the tools panel in the bottom right corner of the screen to open the virtual keyboard or switch back temporarily to your desktop.

Use the virtual keyboard

Secure Shopping Environment features a virtual keyboard on the screen that allows you to enter confidential information such as passwords and credit cards numbers.

  • Click the language button in the bottom-right to select the keyboard layout that you would like to use.
  • To open the virtual keyboard on the screen, click the keyboard icon located in the tools panel

Temporarily switch your desktop

  • From the tool pane, click the link at the bottom right

The Secure Shopping Desktop will disappear. Click the button to quickly return to it.

Close Secure Shopping

  • Click on the ‘X” button

A confirmation dialog is shown.

  • To exit Secure Shopping Environment, click ‘Yes’.

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