One of the greatest romantic films ever made, The Notebook centers around a young couple’s initial romantic encounter and its subsequent unraveling due to World War II and Allie’s subsequent marriage to Lon Hammond (an extremely wealthy lawyer from old money).

Even though the film puts female desire first and boasts sugary melodrama, it does contain moments of poignancy – particularly regarding dementia and aging.

Final Words

The Notebook is an iconic tale of romance and loss. Though its details can be awkward at times and its dialogue clunky at others, romantics won’t care as its focus remains squarely on Noah and Allie – with no subplots or distractions to distract viewers – their history becomes paramount and all that matters in terms of plot is their central couple’s history – its focus also serves to highlight female desire while providing insight into optimism’s perils; hope can often be as destructive as cynicism itself while love requires courage from us all; Noah and Allie represent this lesson with their love making them an invaluable reminder from which all viewers of The Notebook may take something away.

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