what is openAL?

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    When I started my PC today morning, Instantly I found that openAL is Present on the Installed Programs list. Anyone say what it is, how does it comes from, and what would this do?
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    I think you ‘ve installed your GO-PRO or Some other Audio Software. Uninstall the Go-Pro Software and Try Uninstalling the “AL OpenAL”.
    William Weise
    Visit your installed programs list

    Identify the OperAL entry. See the Installed Program list and find When your OpenAL is Installed by Verifying the “Installed on” date. Then you may see the date the OpenAL was Installed.  So, you can easily identify the list of installed Programs in OpenAL


    Justin Paul
    It is a 3D sound software interface. It was mainly used for gaming purposes and not for another purpose. As I am concerned, It doesn’t use a lot of resources.
    OpenAL is mostlu used for playing audio in a virtual 3D environment. To get more info about openAL, do visit -> OpenAL – Wikipedia.
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