How to secure Apache web server? – Apache Security

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    Apache is one of the webservers which is most frequently used. Can you guide me to secure Apache webserver?

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    Here are some steps that can guide you to configure the Apache webserver.

    • Hide the Apache version and the operating system identity from error.
    • Limit application size limit
    • Protect DDOS attacks.
    • Enable the Apache logging
    • Disable the directory list.
    • Disable unwanted modules. …
    • Run Apache as a separate user and group.
    • Use Allow and Deny to restrict access to directories.
    • Use mod_security and mod_evasive modules.
    • Disable Apache tracking/following of symbolic links
    • Disable Server Side Inclusion and CGI Execution
    • Protect Apache with SSL certificates
    • Regularly keep Apache updated.
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