Top Message Locker Applications to Hide Mobile Text Messages

Message Locker Apps

In the modern world of advanced technology, the contact system revolves around messaging applications. Many people around the world use messaging apps such as WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Hike, WeChat, etc. Nonetheless, for some reasons, the default message app installed on every phone is much less used. One of the principal reason is that the inbox includes certain users ‘ credentials, such as parcel delivery information, credit or debit card spent information, telecom operators messages etc.

And those messages are not safe until they are shielded against the message locker or something else that acts like a firewall on the inbox threads of that message. The Google Play Store provides many Android locker apps and claims to be the best for security purposes. You certainly can not confide in them all, however, as some of them may not be suitable and may steal some data from your phone.

To order to avoid those circumstances, we mentioned the best 5 hide SMS apps you can install on your Android smartphones to protect your SMS from Android hackers and stolers. Such apps are specifically designed to protect your privacy and ensure that your private SMS messages are protected. Only look at these 5 applications quickly and install any of them to try.

Private SMS and Call – Hide Text


This app is highly rated and has the greatest number of Google Play Store downloads because it is compatible and provides users with a range of features. You can start things first by setting up the Personal Identification Number (PIN) once you’ve installed this app. This PIN is used to access the text messages and contacts from this program. This program can also be concealed whenever you want.

Note: Anyone with the App lock shield’s password will access your messaging threads. Make sure you don’t share your password with anyone else, including family members.

You will import all of the contacts you want after you have set up the PIN. When you have imported the contacts you want, those contacts are classified as “personal” and all messages sent by these contacts are hidden or we can say nobody is seen. You may set a specific notification tone that will let you know when these private contacts send a message.

This software is really cool and its apps are amazing. We have checked this framework and tried to break the safety measures, but we couldn’t. So you can give this message locker first priority.



This application is not very popular at the beginning of its launch, but soon it will become popular, and now it has over 100 million downloads and millions of good reviews. The latest version has so many unique features that can not be ignored. So if you don’t like the first app, it’s the best alternative tool to mask text and calls to Android.

Compared to other apps, the user interface is excellent and you will love to use this too. You will discover the entire new world of advanced security features for encrypting Android messages once you download the app. To access the apps you need, you can set Personal Identification Number (PIN). Like the Private SMS and Call program, you can hide all messages and contacts in one location so that without your approval, no-one can access your info. The apps are quite advanced compared to the Private SMS and Call program, but it only takes some time to launch the app when you install it and when it becomes operational. This app is free of charge for all users.



This software is truly one of the best app locks that anyone who doesn’t know about the device can not detect. This application can not be concealed, unlike the other two apps listed above. Actually, as the name suggests, the program is a calculator but simply a device lock. Anyone who looks at this app may think it’s an app that seems natural but really a device lock. The password is described by a certain arithmetic method. For examples, the password can be set as “1234-” or “1234+.” Such keys must be pressed and the device will be unlocked.

All threads of your contacts and messages are now secured until you lock the button. When you equate the user interface with the other two above, the features of the app are very appealing. It should be noted that it is not free to use but it is not wrong to pay some bucks for this program.

Vault-Hide SMS, Pictures and Videos


This app works as the name implies. This software is perfect to conceal SMS messages on your Android device along with other multimedia. Like other applications, you have to import contacts and SMS threads to protect them after installation. Such contacts will be classified private and no warning will be given when such contacts receive a message.

Now you can also remove multimedia files such as videos and images from your gallery to a safe place, together with SMS and contacts. The lock app for this message works by choosing a PIN. Each PIN is exclusive to you and no one can crack the locking of this device with any hardware or software.

This program can be used for all users free of charge. It means that you won’t have to pay any subscription costs for your Android phone to use this excellent device lock.

Message Locker – SMS Locker


Message Locker is a kind of device lock that can also be extended to other applications. You can freely install this software and after the installation process is complete, you can set up a PIN to open the applications. You can use an App lock to secure your message privacy on the default messaging app, WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Hike, WeChat, etc. With these apps, you can even schedule WhatsApp messages.

You can see that the user interface is quite appealing and if you want to include any applications in this device lock, you can press the”+” icon which will list the apps not protected by this application lock. The technology has over 50 million downloads and is quite free to use.


It’s not bad at all to stretch the privacy limits. Using these programs, you can use the password to protect your personal data from those who want to use it. Such applications are reviewed and regularly used by us and we ensure that no problems arise during the use of these applications. You can install anybody from them, they are all very good and they all have a border over each other.

Please share this blog so that other users can secure their Android SMS messages from the evil. And if you use a different app locking method, you can share it in the comment section.



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