There’s no real sense of losing your mobile telephone, whether it’s down on the back of the sofa or at night or not. These days our smartphones are all to us, or at least they can be. Debit cards, personal computers, dating simulators, entertainment devices without touch. And you would not leave your smartphone in the real world empty, so why are you digitally at risk? These are five of the top antivirus software applications available on your Android machine, ranging from free to premium.

Avast Mobile Security

The free mobile security app from Avast promises peace of mind for every user. On your thumbwash, you can delete any unwanted nasties from your Android device, lock potentially dangerous apps and protect your digital privacy with Avast at you’re there. A SIM safety system, an image vault (for any especially sensitive photograph) and a junk cleaner are notable features to keep your phone looking and functioning at its best.

Although Avast Mobile Security’s free version includes advertisements, they are removed easily with a small in-app purchase, and the web shield software takes care of the old prevention against cure adage, ensuring secure browsing wherever you are online. Most players, applications and e-mail services will be secured in their own right; a range of reputable bingo sites are doing their utmost to ensure, for instance, that their content is regulated, approved and secure. But not all of that, so it never hurts to protect yourself. There is an antivirus in your mind to separate the good eggs from the bad.

Malwarebytes for Android

In recent years, Malwarebytes has gained a well-deserved reputation for their antivirus products. The Malwarebytes team originally became a free PC scanner and protection service and has expanded their product and skills to include Android. Malwarebytes actively detect and automatically remove threats from your computer before it can do any damage. Aggressive adware and funk detection helps keep the processors up to speed and a privacy audit keeps tabs on who is spying your information, with or without your permission.

Malwarebytes for Android’s notable highlights include its lightweight, slim file size and its 30 day free trial of any premium experience.

Sophos Mobile Security

In 2016, Sophos received the AV-TEST prize. One of the best free Android safety software with functionality and no ad show. This feature-rich Android AV offers proper malware protection; you have access to loss and robbery, app locker, security advisor that can advise you on how to improve the security of your device, call blocker.

Sophos also has a web-filtering feature that offers passcode authentication for applications, Wi-Fi protection against intermediates snooping and prevents spam calls.

Bitdefender Free Antivirus

Finally, Bitdefender also promises free and total protection against Android’s major threats–what is the catch, you’re asking? There’s none of them. Bitdefender says it does all, unlike other programs, without slowing down your device or draining one bit your battery. Bitdefender provides a built-in VPN service for web browsing, online web protection and built-in support for external Android devices like Fitbit (surely unique).

Once again a premium edition is offered and a free trial is available again. You can do virtually anything online using software such as Bitdefender without feeling confident that your privacy and payment information are protected.

Your mobile security is vital–time, power, and possibly money are worth it. So don’t hesitate–search the above and the competition on the Google Play Store and online. There’s hundreds more to take their place if you don’t like the look of our three highlighted: McAfee, Norton, Avira. The list continues and continues.



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