Automation is the name of the game in today’s world. People expect a quicker way of doing the job, meeting deadlines and settling commitments. The same goes for the security industry, the profession of system manager and web developers; automation reduces the time to complete tasks. PHP, a well-known web development language, is a very mature language. First appeared as a web-compatible scripting niche language in 1995, it became more popular and provided cross-platform compatibility to the web.


The web developer circle uses vulnerability scanners for PHP software that reduce the chance of insecure code being published on a website. Some of them are here:  It is a fast and easy PHP-SAT-based scanner framework which is written in the universal language Python.

Hunter PHP Vulnerability

This can be viewed as an antivirus equivalent for Windows, an anti-malware specially designed to check vulnerabilities in a PHP program. It maintains and updates its own Signature Database to detect the latest PHP exploits.


It is a simple PHP control application, scans website cookies, detects GET and POST malicious pages. Cross-platform, CRM Suite and CodeIgniter Systems are supported.


One of the few strictly cloud-based, Checkmarx searches a PHP web site for known exploitable sections in an easy-to-read way. It provides useful connections to external websites for repairing the found vulnerabilities.


Built on PHP Parser, it is an entry-level error that identifies an application for PHP.


It’s a full-length PHP debugger. It is a real-time code checker, a PHP code correction application for real-time. Offered as an online service.


A full flash software for testing and detecting PHP vulnerabilities. Exakat is a software written for at least 300 analyzers. It has a wide range of support for different CMS such as Zend, WordPress and CakePHP. This is one of the best applications in this list because it supports PHP codes directly under the GitHub repository. As a bonus, it has an ancient version of PHP module which can simplify the transition to PHP 7.


It is a PHP security scanner. It provides a multi-interface platform with CLI, API and online versions. The API is wide-ranging and enables developers to expand SensiLabs ‘ capabilities.

PHP Sonar

It is built using pattern matching to detect PHP vulnerabilities. Exploits that are present within the PHP code can easily be detected by matching signatures of the most common PHP vulnerabilities.


The application is the most common PHP vulnerability scanner and fully compliant with Hippa. Real-time scanning is part of the package and allows the repair of established PHP security problems in an application that is very easy to use. It classifies exploits and focuses heavily on identifying critical vulnerabilities. It contains links indicating the right information for the web developer to further investigate the vulnerabilities identified.

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