May 29, 2019

The Treasury NZ says systems ‘ hacked ‘ before the budget

Gabriel Makhlouf, Secretary of the New Zealand Treasury, said his department has collected “enough evidence” to say that it has suffered a hack.

“The Treasury has collected sufficient evidence to demonstrate the deliberate and systematic hacking of its systems this morning following media reports from a potential leak of budgetary information,” says Makhlouf in its statement.

It said on a Tuesday, on advice from the National Cyber Security Centre, it was referred to police by the Treasury.

“The Treasury takes extremely seriously the safety of all its information,” continued Makhlouf. He also stated that there was no evidence that any information held by the treasury has been affected. “It was immediate to increase the security of any Budget-related information today, and it would conduct a complete review of information security processes.”

The “hack” news followed the press release of the opposition party that replied to the items listed in the wellbeing budget of the country that will be distributed on Thursday.

While the National leader Simon Bridges declared he would not disclose how the Budget documents had been obtained from his party, he stated that his party had not committed any illegal act.

He stated in a video published by the NZ Herald that “there was no hacking under any definition of the word……. there was not anything illegal or even approaching it.”

“We have acted lawfully, appropriately, without the National Party’s punch or anything to approach. Or in fact, it’s wrong what Grant Robertson says. Instead, Bridges is blaming a” Gross Incompetence in Treasury “document leak.

“There’s a potential talk about cybersecurity and so forth— I’ve been the cybersecurity minister for Bill english and what I know is departments like the Treasury, there’s attempts to hack and so on, if not every day, very often. I don’t know what the situation is, but if that is what they’d worry about, they would not call the police.

On Thursday, the budget should be delivered as scheduled.

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