Deep internet and privacy enthusiasts have a lot to rejoice at as the Tor Project announces its popular Android Tor Browser. Tor Project Members claim that the browser is now in Alpha and can be installed first via Orbot.

Users may start accessing the Dark Web via their mobile device by going to the Google Play Store and installing the Tor Browser and then downloading the Orbot proxy. Through client must open Orbot first, connect to the Tor Network and open the Tor Browser after installation. You can begin accessing websites from the Dark Web.

Dependency on Orbot is only a workaround according to the developers, because they will soon remove the need to use the proxy in the future.

The Tor Browser is the brainchild of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, which was designed to be used by the navy to promote anonymous and untraceable Internet communications. The lab then released the software for civil users and is now commonly used by users around the world for a variety of purposes from private browsing to sales.

The browser’s beauty is to encrypt a group of network nodes to determine the traffic between the browser and the servers. The anonymity that technology allows led to numerous illegal sites, such as opioid markets, cyber-criminal recruiting pages and child pornography.

First-time visitors who visit Dark Web sites must be prepared to find content that may affect their sensitivities because of the sensitive and alternative nature of the content on such sites.

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