Have you been born in the late 80s or 90s? If you were, then you’ve probably come across a lot of fun comics. Those are the golden days to read comics, since comics are the only form of entertainment at the time. But nowadays, kids are so mad about reading comics, and as technology has developed, everything has changed. So, the comics begin to disappear gradually due to the advent of video games and television. So, to save the comics from disappearing, a lot of websites pop up that lets people read comics online and you can even access comics. In this post, we’ll share the best web sites to read comics online free of charge.

Best Websites to Read Comics Online Free

There are many forms of comics, such as superhero comics, fairy tale comics, ghost comics, and more. So, today we’re going to explore the best websites you have to download comics and read them online.

These websites have a wide variety of comics that can be read freely for free. So, let’s skip straight to the point without further ado. These are the best web pages to read and download comics online.


ComiXology is another great choice for Reading Comics Online for Free that has a selection of over 75 publishers. The comic platform has a wide variety of best and all kinds of comics, such as horror, superhero, and romance comics.

The platform has a large amount of users every day, making the site one of the best choices for you. But you need to build an account on this website to read and download comics online.


GetComics is the best place to find older marvel and dc stories, and it also offers comics for small publishers. You can browse the categories or just use the search bar to find your favorite comics for online reading.

The peculiar thing about the getcomics website is that you need to download a comic to read it. So, it’s easy to download and read comics online for free comics and read it whenever and wherever you want.

Comic Book World

Comic Book World is another fantastic place to browse and read comics online for free. The best thing about it is that you can see all the premium comics that you can read online for free. Same as hello comic, the web interface is easy to use and helps users to easily access the app.

You only have to pick your favorite comic to read online, or you can print a comic for later reading. All material of comic book universe is free and legal to use.

Hello Comics

HelloComics is the best place to search and read online comics. If you’re searching for Marvell comics or vertige comics, hello comics is the best place to start reading comics from all publishers.

Many people across the globe use the Hello Comic Website to download and read comics online for free. Here you’ll find the best range of superhero comics, fairy tale comics, ghost comics, etc., as well as the best interface that helps users to easily access the web.

DriveThru Comics

DriveThru Comics is a shop for buying comics online, and all comics are available for free. Several people around the globe use this site to read and download comics online, making it even more popular.

The DriveThru comics user interface is plain, making it easy for the user to use the app. Drivethru comics has an vast collection of comics of all sorts, including love comics, superhero comics, and horror comics. The great thing is that you’re going to find something on this site that would be very difficult to find on the internet.


This is it! Here are the best and most reputable websites that can read and print your favorite comics online. Many of the websites allow you to read comics directly, but some of them require you to build an account.

I hope this article has helped you find the best place to read comics online. At last, if you like this story, just like, comment on it and share it with all the comic lovers.

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