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Survive the Web may be a game that uses user-generated content to create fictional web pages. One player is asked their opinion about a topic in an issue. The player’s answer is removed from context and sent to another player. They are then asked to determine the response as if they were on a specific site. The original replies of all players are then combined and sent to the other player. They can vote for the worst pairing and the topic they guessed. Each vote earns points to the second player and a smaller amount for the primary reply. The winner is the player who has the most points. survived the Internet“.


All players must answer the question on their respective devices each round. Each player will then be given a solution by another player. The players will need to take the given answer out of context. All responses will be displayed on-screen after this phase. All players then vote for the most ridiculous response. Each vote is worth 100 Points (doubled in the Final Round), and the most bizarre answer gets 100 points. As pity points, one-fifth is awarded to the player who answered the question.

The player who gets the simplest burn (most votes during a round) gains a further 150 points, and therefore the player who wrote the solution gets 30 in pity points.

Round Types

Video Site

A player can be given a feeling about something on the video site. Another person then adds a video title.

Social Media


Crowdfunding Site


Job Network

Players are asked to describe a type of person on the job search website. Players are asked to describe the type of person they want. The description is then sent to another player who must have a reputation that matches the outline.

Check-In Site


Web Forum

TBA questions

Photo Sharing Site

Always the final Round where points are doubled. Each player will receive a question with two answers. Players can then send a photo of their chosen answer. The original chooser will then add a caption to the photo.


If you attend (the website the party plays on in Survive the Internet), you attend jack box. Television.

One of the files which will appear within the lobby screen may be a sequel to Word Spud called Word Spud 2.

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